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Ukraine set to receive ‘F-16s and missiles with a range of 500km’ which Russia fears

6th Feb 24 7:42 am

The next packages of military assistance to Ukraine will include F-16 aircraft and missiles that a range of hitting targets of between 300 to 500 kilometers.

Commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Seriy Nayev has announced that amid the “technical assistance” of partner countries supplying high-tech weaponry this has provided Ukraine with a “multiple advantages.”

The Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren said, “The Netherlands Ministry of Defence is readying six additional F-16 fighter aircraft for delivery to Ukraine.

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“This brings the total number to 24 F-16s. Ukraine’s aerial superiority is essential for countering Russian aggression.”

Nayev said, “In subsequent military assistance packages, Ukraine expects F-16 aircraft and missiles with a range of hitting targets of 300-500 kilometers, which will allow the Ukrainian Defense Forces to achieve even greater success on the battlefield and liberate our territory from the enemy.”

Ukraine have been replenishing their arsenal with modern weapons from drones to advanced air defense systems, and the Ukrainian army has mastered them very quickly on the battlefields.

Nayev expressed confidence “that no country in the world has such a variety of weapons as Ukraine.

“Thanks to the material and technical assistance of partner countries, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received Western artillery weapons; in terms of their tactical and technical characteristics, similar types of Russian artillery prevail. In particular, the M777A1, FH70 field howitzers and CAEZAR, AHS Krab, PzH-2000, M109 self-propelled artillery mounts were received, which, in combination with counter-battery systems and reconnaissance UAVs, allowed the Defense Forces to neutralize the enemy’s multiple advantage.”

The commander added that the greatest threat from Russian forces currently comes from missile and airstrikes using long-range aircraft.

Russia are also using Iskander operational-tactical missile systems, Kh-47M Kinzhal hypersonic aircraft systems, anti-aircraft missile systems as well as the S-300/400 and Iranian kamikaze drones of the Shahed type.

“The massive use of all types of missiles and UAVs is carried out from the depths of Russian territory, which does not allow them to be hit on a larger flight path,” Nayev said.

The head of the Estonian Defense Forces Intelligence Center, Colonel Ants Kiviselg said last month that Russia are very fearful of Ukraine receiving the F-16 fighter jets.

He said, “Throughout the country, electric power facilities, port and railway infrastructure, military airfields, weapons and ammunition depots, military educational institutions and defense industry enterprises involved in the production and repair of weapons were damaged.

“The disruption of flight trajectories indicates that the Russians consider the entry of F-16s into the Ukrainian arsenal dangerous.”

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