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Ukraine has wiped out ‘33% of warships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet’

by LLB political Reporter
7th Feb 24 7:47 am

The Ukrainian Armed Forces has said that since the start of the war on 24 February, 2022 Ukraine has taken out 33% of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The Department of Strategic Communications said that in total Russia has lost “24 warships and one submarine.”

They said, Ukraine took out about 33% of the warships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet during the large-scale invasion.”

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, “our military disabled 24 Russian ships and one submarine.”

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According to data from open sources, at the beginning of the large-scale invasion, the Russian Black Sea fleet consisted of 74 warships.

“Aggression against Ukraine is harmful for your fleet,” the Department of Strategic Communications added.

Kyiv’s Defence Intelligence (HUR) has said that Ukrainian naval drones blew up a Russian missile boat in the Black Sea off the coast of Crimea, last Thursday.

The Russian missile boat called the Ivanovets was “hit and sunk” by four Ukrainian naval drones with at least one direct hit.

The missile boat was patrolling the Black Sea near to Lake Donuzlav in Crimea and suffered major damage “as a result of a number of direct hits to the hull,” the military intelligence agency said.

The Ivanovets “rolled to the stern and then sank,” overnight the HUR said.

HUR spokesperson Andriy Yusov told the Kyiv Post: “Ukrainian naval drones are proving to be extremely effective.”

The Ukrainian intelligence agency said the Russian missile boat costs between $60 million to $70 million.

In May 2022 Vladimir Putin ordered a “secret mission” to retrieve hundreds of dead conscripted Russian sailors and “removed all the equipment that was classified” from the sunken flagship of Moscow’s Moskva warship which had 510 sailors onboard.

The Russian Navy have been accused of leaving their sailors to drown as “officers fled the ships like rats” and should a third country find their remains on the sunken Moskva then this would unpick all of Putin’s lies leaving him fully exposed.

Since the Moskva was blown up by Ukrainian forces, Russian sailors are committing mutiny as they refusing to carry out their combat orders as they are fearing for their lives as international sanctions are preventing urgent repairs needed on the warships which must be yet another embarrassing blow to Putin.

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