Home Business News Ukraine has ‘committed significant reinforcements’ near Bakhmut and the MoD warns ‘“both sides have suffered high casualties’

Ukraine has ‘committed significant reinforcements’ near Bakhmut and the MoD warns ‘“both sides have suffered high casualties’

3rd Jan 23 1:53 pm

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said that it is unlikely Russia will “achieve a significant breakthrough near Bakhmut” because Ukraine has “committed significant reinforcements” to the area.

The MoD said that the Wagner mercenary group and Russian soldiers have surrounded the eastern city in Donetsk Oblast.

The British MoD, in their daily update, wrote, “In mid-December, Russian military and Wagner proxy forces likely increased the frequency of their infantry assaults around the Donetsk Oblast town of Bakhmut.

“However, many of these operations were poorly supported.

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“Over the last ten days, Ukraine has committed significant reinforcements to defend the sector and the frequency of Russian assaults have likely reduced from the peak in mid-December.

“Both sides have suffered high casualties.

“Russian offensive operations in the area are now likely being conducted at only platoon or section level.

“It is unlikely Russia will achieve a significant breakthrough near Bakhmut in the coming weeks.”

The Institute for the Study of War, wrote, “The costs associated with six months of brutal, grinding and attrition-based combat around Bakhmut far outweigh any operational advantage that the Russians can obtain from taking [it].”

Ukraine’s General Staff reported on Tuesday that Ukrainian Forces have now killed 108,190 Russian soldiers, and over the Christmas and New Year period 750 troops were fatally wiped out.

The General Staff added that the missile attacks on the city of Makiivka, saw the majority of those killed as Ukraine has claimed around 400 Russian troops were blown to pieces after six HIMAR missiles blew up their barracks.

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