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Ukraine cannot afford a ‘stalemate’ if they ‘want to end the war’

by LLB political Reporter
16th Nov 23 8:26 am

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said they cannot afford a stalemate on frontlines as this will show a “weakness.”

President Zelensky opened up saying that Ukraine has “lost a lot of people” and warned that if Russia is not put in their place then Moscow “will come again.”

President Zelensky said, “If this is a stalemate and a frozen conflict, we must honestly say that our children will fight, or our grandchildren will fight.

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“We have already lost a lot of people. Do we want to live like this, knowing that we will raise children who will definitely fight later?

“Since Russia will come again if it is not put in its place. Be that as it may, the war must end. We want peace.

“Yes, this ending may be different, some may like it, some may not, but it is necessary. And it is necessary for evil to suffer.

“A stalemate is a temporary weakness. If we want to end the war, we must end it.”

Speaking about the Peace Formula, President Zelensky said “if Russia fulfils one point, respect for territorial integrity and the UN Charter, it will withdraw troops from our territory. This is the end of the war.”

He added, “Yes, this is not the return of justice yet, because something needs to be done about what they have done here.

“This will not solve all the issues, but it is definitely the end of the war.”

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