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UK offices housing enough outdated tech to build 334 Big Bens

26th Mar 18 4:04 pm


UK workers are using enough outdated business technology to fill the equivalent of 334 Big Ben clock towers, according to business communications company Fuze, which examined the volume of computer monitors, desktop computers and desk phones being used today.

Global Fuze research, which surveyed 3,300 teenagers, indicates that only 43% think desk phones are ‘essential’ office equipment and just over half (55%) think desk computers are vital bits of tech. Only 2% of teenagers have ever used a landline.

Fuze has calculated that if all of the country’s bulky computers, outdated peripherals and boxy handsets are combined, they would take up over 1.5 million cubic meters of space.

These outdated items are not only taking up valuable office space, they are also having a negative impact on the productivity of workers themselves, with 59% of UK workers saying they find it hard to work at a cluttered desk, according to a Fuze survey of 1,000 workers.

Commenting on the survey, Tom Pressley, Senior Director of Worldwide Marketing at Fuze, said: “Over the last 50 years, there’s has been a massive consolidation in the number of items workers need to get the job done. Thanks to modern working habits and advancements in communications technology, employees no longer need a desk covered in equipment to work effectively. In fact, large volumes of desk clutter is hindering productivity in some cases.

“Our vision is to clear these desks and create a true ‘one-item workspace’, where workers can use just one device, like a smartphone or laptop.  By taking a minimalist approach and combining all office communication into a single platform, UK businesses can empower their employees to work productively wherever they choose.” 

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