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Uber attack: Wheelchair cyclist left in the road after being “repeatedly punched by road rage Uber driver”

30th Jan 17 3:05 pm

How did it happen?

An Uber driver has been arrested after allegedly knocking down and punching a disabled cyclist unconscious.

The cyclist was using a hand-pedal bike, he was hit by the car in London. According to witnesses the cyclist became stuck between a parked car and the attackers, he had managed to force himself free but slapped the bonnet of the Prius as he went past.

Video footage shows the aftermath of the alleged attack.

One witness told the Evening Standard: “After the cyclist became jammed between the parked car and the Prius, he managed to force his way out and slapped his hand on the bonnet which aggravated the driver.”

“The driver jumped out of his car and went down on top of him. As I was jumping out of my car to stop it, his car rolled forward into two other parked cars.”

A blackcab driver, also witnessed the entire incident unfold and told The Sun Online that the alleged attack occurred when the Uber driver cut off the cyclist.

The blackcab driver said: “The driver jumped out, ran at the bike and basically jumped on him.”

Describing the attack, the blackcab driver said: “It all calmed down for a few seconds then the driver realised his car had rolled into a parked car and he shouted ‘look at what you made me do’.

“He ran back at the cyclist and punched him full in the face and knocked him out, it was terrible.”

He said the cyclist was knocked out for 20 seconds, police were soon called over.

The driver of the Blackcab said: “Everyone was in shock and disbelief.”

“The cyclist was shaking, he was in shock.”

Billy Clerkin, another cyclist on the scene said he saw the cyclist on the ground. He also alleged that the Uber driver had become “impatient”.

The 24-year-old said: “The driver involved in the incident was shouting at the cyclist on the floor.”

“The cyclist had a cut up face, but he was OK.”

A Met Police spokesperson said: “Officers attended and found a man aged in his 20s on the floor injured.”

“London Ambulance Service attended and took the victim to a south London hospital.”

“His injuries are not life-threatening.”

A 38-year-old was arrested on the suspicion of grievous bodily harm and was taken to North London police station for questioning.

He has been released on bail to return at a later date in March.

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