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Turkey is a new mecca for overweight people

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14th Oct 21 5:42 pm

Medical tourism has spawned a new concept of today’s healthcare. Unable to solve the medical issue at home, a patient chooses the country, doctor, and medical facility to get advanced and timely medical assistance…and pay less in some cases.

One of the places with innovative procedures and affordable pricing is Turkey.

Travellers: who and why

The country is known for its well-developed tourism and hospitality. And now it starts to profess that local doctors are well-trained and fluent in English, the Turkish medical healthcare system is flexible and effective, there are no queues, the treatment is speedy and affordable.

Plastic surgery vacations in Turkey are very popular with citizens of the United States, Canada, Western Europe, and the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. In the United States, the number of uninsured people is reaching 28M alone, while the majority of insurances don’t cover cosmetic procedures. Therefore, lots of Americans prefer to undergo medical procedures, including plastic surgery abroad, since their cost is up to 75% less than the price of similar services in the United States. Thus, visiting Turkey allows saving up, having the body of their dream, and a seaside rest.

Turkey – New perspectives

The Turkish government is a key player in the medical tourism market development. Local authorities have been investing $ 30 billion in the construction of new hospitals and equipment over the last 30 years. In 2016, the industry brought the country direct income to the economy of $ 5.2 billion. The Turkish Health Tourism Development Council predicts to host 2 million international patients and earn $ 20 billion by 2023.

Innovative opportunities

As soon as you decide to work with the problem areas of our figure, the question arises: which method is the most effective for you? Turkey has it all.

Surgical methods. Liposuction is a surgical operation to change the nature of fat deposits in a particular problem area of the body with special tubes that vacuum the fat cells out of the body. It can be

Non-surgical methods. They aim to break the fat deposits, which will be excreted through the blood.

  • Radio-frequency lipo affects body fat with the help of radio-frequency signals coming through special tubes inserted in the body
  • Laser lipo. A diode beam selectively destructs tissues, damaging only fat cells and stimulating the collagen and elastin production. This gives a lifting effect — the skin becomes toned and young.
  • Ultrasonic lipo (cavitation) is a method based on the low-frequency ultrasound effect on the adipose tissue eliminating it.
  • Cry lipolysis is a procedure for cooling the subcutaneous fat layer with a special vacuum nozzle followed by the destruction of the fat cells.

Medical centres

The main centre of plastic surgery with the highest concentration of professionals remains Istanbul. But there are other cities such as Izmir and Ankara that are dynamically developing in aesthetics.

Top clinics for liposuction in Turkey according to Bookimed, a medical centres aggregator:

  • Estetik International — a clinic with over 20-year-practice of liposuction surgery. Founded by Professor Bülent Cihantimur, listed among 50 best US plastic surgeons. Every year, the centre accepts over 1,000 patients willing to improve their appearance.
  • Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Centre. The medical team serves over 4,000 patients every year.
  • Adem and Havva Medical Centre. Foreigners from 45 countries visit the centre to get plastic aesthetics here. Has ISO certificate and Turkish Medical Association accreditation, which ensure the high quality of provided medical services.

What about prices

The main idea of populariSing plastic surgery tourism development in Turkey is giving foreigners easy access to the healthcare system. So, a patient gets an all-inclusive package of services, including flight, reception, procedure, and hotel accommodation, which allows them to save up money and time for arrangements.

The average cost for lipo in Turkey is $2,200. The average cost starts from $3,700 In the USA, around $5,200 in the UK.

The final price is estimated individually according to the liposuction method, the size and number of zones, the hospital class, and the doctor’s fee.

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