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TrustedAG Review: Experience the best leverage options

by Sarah Dunsby
27th Jul 23 3:09 pm

With TrustedAG, leverage turns out to be the easiest way to grow your trading portfolio. Leverage pertains to the practice of lending cash from a broker to increase the prospective profits on investment. It enables traders to regulate greater holdings within the market using fewer funds. Take note that the quantity of capital is represented by leverage as a ratio, which can be 1:50 or 1:100. Hence when employing leverage in the forex market—traders ought to implement prudence and risk control measures. As per the TrustedAG review, the leverage options are highly user-friendly and enable them to take bigger strides.

Benefits of using leverage for Forex trading

Employing leverage in the forex market may bring various advantages to traders. Below are the top five benefits of using leverage in FX trading:

  • Enhanced Trading Authority. Among the significant benefits of leverage includes the capacity to hold greater market positions with a lesser amount of funds. Traders can take advantage of a bigger volume of trading and take part in more substantial transactions using leverage, which could contribute to better profit prospects.
  • Capital Effectiveness. Leverage allows traders to use their funds better by needing less of an initial investment to manage a greater position. Traders that use leveraging properly may broaden their investment portfolio while simultaneously taking benefit of numerous potential trades at the same time
  • Gaining Exposure to Market Prospects. The currency market is extremely liquid, with various trading possibilities always available. Traders may employ leverage to gain entry and engage in a diverse variety of currency pairings and worldwide markets, encompassing significant, minor, and rare pairings.
  • Increased Prospective Returns. Leverage’s magnifying effect can considerably increase prospective earnings. Whenever small shifts in markets are leveraged, they could end up in large returns.
  • Risk management pliability. Leverage allows traders to manage the exposure to risks more effectively. Traders can deploy their funds far better and spread the threat over several positions by using leverage.

Different leverage options available at TrustedAG

There are numerous leverage possibilities obtainable in each of the account categories with TrustedAG, namely Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Thus, here’s a rundown of the available leverage selections:

The Silver Account (200:1). The leverage ratio on this particular account is 200:1. This implies that traders can handle positions worth up to 200 times when compared to the account quantity. Traders, for example, can manage positions totaling as much as $200,000 with just a $1,000 investment.

The Gold Account (300:1). The aforementioned account type offers a leverage ratio that is 300:1. Traders receive additional trading capabilities through a Gold account, permitting them to handle positions 300 times greater, compared to their current balance. This implies that traders may manage positions totaling a maximum of $300,000 with just a $1,000 investment.

The Platinum Account (400:1). The Platinum account has the greatest leverage ratio of 400:1 available. Traders receive the most trading authority with this account category. They exercise influence over positions 400 times the quantity of the balance in their account. Traders, for example, may manage positions totaling no more than $400,000 with a $1,000 investment.


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