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Travelling around European countries, what and where to see

by Sarah Dunsby
2nd May 22 11:13 am

Europe is about beautiful streets, croissants for breakfast and trendy boutiques. The countries of Europe are exactly those countries where you can enjoy luxury and wealth. Europe is the place to enjoy and be inspired by new ideas. And in this article we will talk about the brightest countries in Europe and how to spend unforgettable time there.

France, Paris

We suggest you visit the Eiffel Tower first. Look at it from the Trocadero, then climb the tower itself. If you want to see a lot more interesting places, you can purchase a walking tour. Paris is not such a big city. The main attractions can be seen in two days.  The main thing is to enjoy the walk!

Lithuania, Vilnius

Vilnius is a beautiful capital that perhaps not everyone knows about. But trust us, there are interesting and exciting places here. Land attractions have become Vilnius’s hallmark of the Lithuanian capital for a long time. But few people know that the city has its own life underground. Tourists can visit the dungeon of the Cathedral or walk through the old workshops of Vilnius artisans and visit the cellars of medieval houses.

Italy, Rome

Rome is such a city full of sights that it is impossible to see it in 1 day. This is one of the most interesting capitals in Europe. Well, in Rome you can visit:

  • Piazza del Campidoglio. This place is located on the top of the Capitoline Hill, the most sacred site of ancient Rome. Here was the temple of Jupiter. Here Roman generals made sacrifices to the gods, asking them to bring them victories in military campaigns.
  • The triumphal arch of Constantine in Rome was erected in honor of the victory of Emperor Constantine in 312. You can admire the exquisite bas-reliefs that adorn its surface for a long time.
  • Scala di Spagna. This monumental baroque staircase rises from Piazza di Spagna in the heart of Rome. It is best to visit here in the spring, when it is buried in numerous flowers.
  • Piazza Navona is the most beautiful square in Rome, especially at night. In the center stands Bernini’s 4 Rivers Fountain, which is beautifully illuminated at night. In summer, art shows are held on the square. Piazza Navona is surrounded by some of the oldest streets in Rome. This is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat while enjoying the old town vibe and the sunshine.

Switzerland, Bern

Having a true German origin and, accordingly, cultural preferences, Bern still manages to maintain a visible touch of European culture. The heart of Bern is concentrated in its old part. There are interesting places that you need to bypass without fail. Despite its small size, the Old Town has become a haven for many beautiful ancient buildings that surprise with their architecture. The best places to travel are the Federal Palace, the City Hall of Bern, the Zytglogge Tower and the Prison Tower.

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