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Fears of a potential uprising as the Russian people told to prepare for a ‘long and difficult” war

16th Nov 22 3:06 pm

Moscow are fearful there could be an uprising as the public are growing weary of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the Russian people have been told to prepare for a “long and difficult” winter as there is no sign the war will end.

Russian TV pundits have warned there could be a revolt across Russia and this has been compared to the run up to the 1917 revolution which ended up toppling the Tzar as during World War 1 he had thought there was endless support for the war.

The Russian Revolution happened in 1917 during the final phase of World War 1 which removed Russia from the war which then saw the Russian Empire form into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

This then replaced the traditional Russian monarchy and then the USSR became the world’s first communist state.

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The pundit explained, “In August of 1914, Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov also thought it was endless. He thought the war would end by Christmas.

“Everybody thought so, not one world war started as a world war.

“Everybody thought it would end quickly, by Christmas.

“They will march on Paris, we will march on Berlin.”

He added: “They’re already preparing their society for a long war.

“A long difficult war that they intend to win. We should start preparing our society for a long difficult war.

“Not for a victory march, not for quick victories but precisely for a long difficult war.”

Another Moscow pundit Maxim Yusin hit out at the Russian “elites” over the constant stream of false information which they are feeding to the public.

Yusin said that state owned media companies are “clowns” trying to push the idea there is a Russian victory.

Yusin said on the state-controlled TV Centre network, “Yes, it was nice – but it was a fairytale!”

He continued, “Those claims of unfounded confidence which continue to be heard often on TV in our country.

“Even now, considering those recent realities, people are saying we’ll reach the Polish border, we’ll reach Berlin, the English Channel, and Lisbon.

“Now, across the whole world and within our own country too, the people who are saying this look like clowns. That clownery is just indecent now.”

He added, “I don’t know which part of the elite is responsible for this – for these lies. That nice fairytale which isn’t nice anymore – it’s indecent.”

He continued, “I think that many of us have seen the images coming from there of Ukrainian troops entering the city, of the billboards still in the city saying ‘with Russia forever’ they are ripping them down in front of cameras.

“On Ukrainian media, they are posting photoshopped images where ‘with Russia forever’ is changed to ‘with Russia until November.’

“It’s really unpleasant when people mock you and laugh at you. It’s twice as unpleasant when we ourselves are giving them an excuse to ridicule us.”

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