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Tory ‘chaos and uncertainty’ has left ‘working people worse off’ as Labour will ‘rebuild Britain’

by LLB political Reporter
9th Oct 23 2:09 pm

The Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves has said at Labour’s conference on Monday that the “tory chaos” has left the “working people” worse off.

Reeves pledged that Labour are “ready to rebuild Britain” and to restore the economic security and they will pull the economy out of the Tory “wreckage” and “misrule.”

Reeves said that her first budget will make people pay their taxes by cracking down on tax perks.

Reeves who is a former Bank of England economist said, “The choice at the next election is this: five more years of the Tory chaos and uncertainty which has left working people worse off or a changed Labour Party offering stability, investment and economic security so that working people are better off.

“It falls to us to show that Labour are ready to serve, ready to lead and ready to rebuild Britain.”

The Shadow Chancellor pledged to crack down on the use of private planes that Ministers use and will curb the use of consultants in Whitehall.

Reeves said that they will prevent the repeat of the HS2 saga and Labour will create a new cross government task force to allow projects on infrastructure under strict control.

Reeves said, “If I were in the Treasury, I would have been on the phone to the chief executive of HS2 non-stop.

“Demanding answers, and solutions, on behalf of taxpayers, businesses and commuters.”

She added, “I will not tolerate taxpayers’ money being treated with the disrespect we have seen over recent years.

“I will not turn a blind eye to dither, delay and incompetence. I will hold those responsible to account.”

Reeves said, “Taxpayers’ money should be spent with the same care with which we spend our own money.”

She added, “Financial responsibility means knowing when not to spend, but it also means making sure that when you invest, you get the bang for your buck.”

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