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Top tips for starting a home-run business

12th Sep 17 12:48 pm

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Independent entrepreneurs constantly fluctuate between wanting a successful self-owned business and wanting to spend more time a home, alone or with the family, whatever gets them away from stress. Well, the solution is to just have both, in the form of a work-from-home business. Nowadays it’s quite easy to start your own business and manage it from home. However if it’s your first time saying goodbye to a formal office, you might make really good use of the following tips:

Create a working zone

It’s very important that even though you are working from home now, you don’t let “work” and “home” merge completely. This means delimiting a clear area which is reserved for working purposes while the rest of the home is considered just “home”. This will help a lot when it’s time to call it a day and go spend some time with your family or kick back and relax in front of the TV. When you work from home, it can be very difficult to say “enough”, especially if you’re really eager to grow your business as much as possible, as fast as possible.

Keep it professional

Even though no one can see you, it’s important to maintain a certain dose of professionalism when you are at work, meaning your office space or workstation. Sure, you have the perk of working in nothing but your underwear but when it comes to interacting to other people within the business medium, it’s important that they recognize professionalism when they interact with you. Having people is the trickiest part but you can create a professional looking setting for a meeting. In fact, having a nice cup of tea or beverage of choice on the couch might just be their favorite meeting of the entire year. Also separate your home number and business number. You can get 0800 business numbers easily so that you will have a specific line for work related calls.

Try to keep a schedule

Just because you are your own boss now and you work from home doesn’t mean that you should only start work after mid-day.  Remaining productive and work-efficient has nothing to do with the place from which you complete your work tasks. Therefore, try to set a morning hour at which to begin work and an evening hour at which you are completely finished for the day. Having a schedule will further help with delimiting work and personal life.

Avoid distractions at all costs

When you work in a formal office, you often miss your family or just being at home with your pet or watching your TV shows. But the greatest perk you don’t miss until it’s gone, is the fact that you don’t get bothered as much at the office. If you have a full house, be ready to deal with some serious distractions. Make sure that you let everyone know you are not to be disturbed between your work hours, take care of any background noise you can cancel out and only start working once you are certain there will be no more distractions.

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