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Top 10 tips to be a healthy and successful entrepreneur

by Sarah Dunsby
28th Nov 18 9:31 am

“Good health is the true wealth” This famous quote by Urijah Faber has been aptly stated. In the present times, everyone is racing to be ahead of each other by putting in their best efforts to earn wealth. Increased distractions and stress have become an indispensable part of everyone’s life.

A successful entrepreneur is one who is able to maintain an equitable good work-life balance. Fitness is a state that exudes into all aspects of daily life. Being active enhances the physical and mental capabilities of a person and allows them to function better throughout the day.

Exercise enables a person to stay calm and composed during the most stressful situations, which is essential for an entrepreneur who is always dealing with high-pressure situations that require a high level of mental activity and alertness. Failure in managing the stress often leads to visits to doctors and getting prescription medicines such as Okacet.

A normal routine of an entrepreneur usually includes waking up early, traveling to the office and various meeting locations, and juggling between numerous meetings, long hours and making effective decisions. In spite of all this being tedious and mentally straining tasks, an entrepreneur has to accomplish these while keeping the interests of the company as well as its employees aligned.

There are multiple reasons why it is important for an entrepreneur to inculcate physical activity and good eating habits in his daily routine. Given below is a list of the ways by which an entrepreneur can be healthy and successful.

Being early to bed and early to rise- An adult requires at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep per day to fully rejuvenate and be refreshed throughout the waking day. One of the major advantages of getting a sound sleep is that it ensures that an individual is rested and in turn ends up being more productive. It also allows a person to have more alert and active hours during their day.

Regular exercise-Exercising regularly ensures that a person remains physically fit. Inculcating a fixed regime for physical exercise helps in elevating the mood of a person by the release of endorphins which are stated to make a person happy. Being an entrepreneur is a very stressful task, thus a person should always exercise to maintain weight, be fresh and active through the day and tone the muscles.

Meditating- It is the exercise for the mind. A 10-minute meditation session per day allotted to meditation results in a substantial rise in concentration levels, calmer senses, increased consciousness and reduction in anxiety.

Keep a strict check on sugar intake– It has been a well-established fact that sugar is one of the most highly addictive substances. The amount of sugar being ingested by the means of food and various drinks should be strictly kept in check. Exceeding intake of sugar beyond moderation has the tendency to put people at a risk of dangerous conditions such as high blood pressure/hypertension, early aging, obesity, and inflammation.

Staying hydrated- Human body is made up of 70% water. Water is essential to allow the body to carry out the conventional functions with ease and also to provide the muscles with enough energy to work properly. On an average, an individual must have 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

Being active through the day- Long seating and being inactive makes the body very stiff and lethargic. Staying active and moving throughout the day by indulging in some form of physical movement in one’s daily life is quintessential to maintain a healthy life and sound mind.

Having a hearty breakfast– Breakfast is scientifically stated to be the most beneficial meal of the day. It is very easy to ignore breakfast because of numerous reasons in our fast pacing lives. Being the most beneficial meal that energizes the body to face and overcome the hurdles in the day, it must be a part of a person’s regime. A good breakfast that is rich in protein allows a person to be active physically as well as mentally conscious and alert.

Retaining a good body posture– The body posture is a very important part of an individual’s personality and is generally one of the first attributes perceived by people around us. Having a good body posture enables a person to have improved flexibility and circulation of blood in the body along with heightened confidence. In the present times, with the advancement of technology, an online doctor can be consulted in order to get knowledge of various exercises to correct and maintain a good body posture.

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