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To buy Bitcoin or not- learn the generation Z adoption of digital currencies

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21st May 21 5:39 pm

Either you belong to the GenZ age or not, almost everyone has the potential of being a crypto enthusiast. Hence, many of us desire to seize every opportunity to buy bitcoin. The reason is not far-fetched from the current crypto popularity. The world is going digital, which also reflects on the financial institution.

In past years, older generation partook more in investment platforms since only platforms like bonds, stock markets, and treasury bills were available. The setback in this investment is the inability for young people to become an investor. Since investing in the stock markets requires a large amount of capital, many young people withdrew from them, with the working class signing up an income percentage investment for retirement purposes.

The new digital trend

Research shows that Cryptocurrency may end up operating with a similar principle to stock markets. However, it provides a better advantage. With Cryptocurrencies being decentralized, the GenZ age is ready to generate wealth on smart devices. The GenZ group buy bitcoin majorly because of its independence on the government or any authority.

Many B2B and B2C markets celebrate the evolution of cryptocurrencies as a medium for exchange.

Benton, blockchain community Encode club, operation lead, said, “I think there should be a blockchain module in most computer science courses because the point of universities is to get people jobs at the end of the day,” he says. “Maybe in economics, [professors should be] looking into the economics of deflationary currencies.”

It explains how developers and stakeholders estimate the influence of knowledge in getting more GenZ engaged in digital trading. This generation is quick to adopt any means and strategy that could fetch them money and provide an immediate source of income after schooling. Hence, if young people understand computer techniques and the basics of economics, this current generation may be the happiest so far. Stakeholders and old investors can advise young people to buy bitcoin, but it is useless if there is no proper planning and adequate information.

The past generations believed in the centralised platform of investment, but GenZ is changing the story of financial markets. Its impact is also seen in over-the-counter services.

Nowadays, the GenZ purchase method involves digital processes like when they buy bitcoin. Sellers without digital means of payment remain outdated, which reflects on their sales level. People who belong to the GenZ age go to the mall or grocery shop with fiat currency rarely. They love to pay for items digitally, almost everywhere, especially in countries with many organisations operating with the digital coins payment method.

Cryptocurrency maturity is associated with a cultural shift in the financial market. Thanks to GenZ since they buy bitcoin often than the older generation.

Since we have been talking about GenZ’s interest in Cryptocurrency, you may wonder, who are the GenZ?

Generation Z has the largest population in the world, dominating the technology sector. Many people in their 20’s belong to the generation Z age. This generation believes in the power of technology and is willing to take up the political power. They can quickly invest in digital assets without holding back. Savings and investments are the real wealth deal to people in this category.

Despite Cryptocurrency’s high volatility, young investors already trading on the Bitvavo platform can estimate BTC, Ripple, ETH, Litecoin, and many other digital coins returns. The legit platform does not only permit users to buy bitcoin. After creating an account, you can decide between storing your coins to generate value or continue trading as a medium for exchange. Likewise, the trading prices or exchange rates are transparent, reducing the risk of being duped or pay than the regular rate.

Wrapping up, Cryptocurrency popularity among GenZ is not only due to its wealth creation but also because of job employment. Many young graduates do not want to depend on the government for survival. Although developed countries provide opportunities for their graduates, unexpected circumstances are bound to happen.

Who knew the COVID pandemic could break out in 2020? As a result, the economy was affected, and a recession emerged. During times like this, GenZ has learned to buy bitcoin and trade to earn some profit. More so, it is best to avoid internet criminals by utilising a legit and reputable trading platform like Bitvavo.com.

Bitvavo.com implements updated trading requirements to ensure no criminal can tamper with any user’s account. The team of customer service is available 24/7 to attend to customers’ enquirers of request. You can contact any of their developers or customer team.


The above information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by London Loves Business and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making (or refraining from making) any investment decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision.

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