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Unwrapping friendship: The art and heart of gifting

by Sarah Dunsby
1st Aug 23 2:13 pm

Oh the great and elusive mystery of birthday gifting! A conundrum as old as time and a quagmire that every Brit finds themselves facing at least once or twice a year. From the newest mate at work to your dearest and oldest comrade, everyone has a birthday. But the question that follows like a shadow: what is the right amount to spend on a friend’s birthday gift?

I invite you to join me on this journey of emotional discovery and playful accounting. Together, let’s solve the Great British Birthday Present Predicament!

Picture it. You’re strolling down the aisles of your favourite boutique, your mind bustling with ideas for your friend’s upcoming birthday. Each item you glance upon brings a fond memory of your chum into focus: the beaded bracelet reminding you of that unforgettable trip to Brighton; the box of luxurious chocolates sparking the memory of a comforting night in during a thunderstorm. With every step, you grapple with the weight of this question: how much should I spend?

Let’s set the stage with a good old sliding scale of friendship, from 1 to 10 – with 10 symbolising your partner-in-crime, your confidant, your best friend, and 1 representing the delightful new friend you’ve made at work. This scale, arbitrary though it may seem, can be the key to unwrapping the art of gift-giving without breaking the bank.

According to a survey by Provident Personal Credit, the average Brit spends around £23.50 on a birthday gift. However, we all know that averages only paint a part of the picture. So, let’s dig deeper and set our own guidelines shall we?

For those fresh faces in our lives, our scale ‘1’ friends, a token of friendship worth about £10 to £15 should do the trick. It’s enough to show you’re delighted to know them and looking forward to many shared memories.

Climbing up the scale to our ‘5’, the friends with whom we share a pint on Friday nights or support through that dreadful Monday hangover, a slightly heftier range of £20 to £30 can be the sweet spot. This amount shows thoughtfulness, but doesn’t cross into the territory of extravagance.

As we move to the higher echelons, the scale ‘8’ friends who’ve shared our laughter, tears and perhaps embarrassing karaoke performances, we start to enter the territory of £30 to £50. These are the friends who’ve proven their worth time and time again, and a more generous gesture feels justified.

And, of course, at the very top of our scale, the ’10’ friends, who feel more like family, who’ve held our hands through life’s hurricanes and shared our triumphs, the sky (or rather, your bank account) is the limit. This range often falls within £50 and above.

While these numbers serve as a guideline, they’re not set in stone. The “right” amount to spend isn’t truly about the pound sign on the price tag, but rather, the depth of thought and the sincerity behind the gesture. The best gifts come not from the wallet, but from the heart.

So, the Great British Birthday Present Predicament – how much to spend on a friend’s birthday gift? We might not have solved it definitively, but we’ve certainly unwrapped a new perspective. Now it’s your turn. Does the sliding scale resonate with you? Or do you have your own creative solutions to this emotional enigma? We’d love to hear from you.

As we journey through life’s friendships, let’s remember that the perfect gift, like the perfect friend, is not measured in pounds, but in the joy and love it brings.

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