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Three ways small businesses can benefit from meeting room rentals

16th Nov 17 3:23 pm

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Meeting room rentals may seem redundant given how many businesses already have meeting spaces. However, there are several cases where renting additional space as required is the better choice. Here are three of the biggest benefits of renting a meeting room. We’ll also address reasons why people may be reluctant to rent rooms away from the main workspace and how to resolve these concerns.


Too many businesses dedicate a large space as a meeting room, though they rarely have a need for such a large meeting space. Now, an area that could have been used as two separate, smaller meeting rooms is allocated to one such group. This is essentially a waste of space. Another variation of this mistake is setting aside the largest possible space as a common meeting room though you only hold department or site-wide meetings once or twice a year. This means you cannot use the space as work areas or storage the rest of the year. If someone does try to balance these needs out, you may have to empty the de facto storage before you can hold your all-hands meeting.

A better way to get the most out of the space that you own or rent is to have smaller meeting spaces that are the right size for the groups that meet on a regular basis and rent large meeting rooms only when you need them.

Upscale for a fraction of the price

You can rent meeting rooms near popular train stations on sites like Meeting Rooms Euston that are far nicer than your standard meeting room and you don’t have to worry about displacing ongoing meetings for your leadership team when you rent a well-apportioned meeting space. If you want to meet a client you desperately want to impress, the cramped conference room on site just isn’t good enough. Instead, opt for somewhere that’s located in a prime London location near a train station such as Euston, as that will make life much easier for your client.

Host events without disruption

Do you need to interview a hundred potential applicants? Instead of having them pack your lobby and crowd out vendors and other visitors, rent a group of meeting rooms so that you can move the interview sessions off site into a space that can handle the crowd. Better yet, the facility you’re renting is the one providing parking so that your applicants aren’t forcing customers, delivery trucks and employees to find other places to park.


The fact that your business-related discussion remains private and cannot end up posted on the internet via someone’s smartphone video recording is certainly a plus. Privacy can be another reason to move meetings off campus and into a rented meeting room. If you need to have legal and human resources staff meet with a disgruntled employee or angry group, you aren’t running the risk of loud or even violent confrontations that could adversely impact those still working.

Rented meeting rooms allow you to meet with clients and customers in upscale accommodations, use the facility without crowding people in when you need to all meet, and help you save you money. So, if you were still on the fence about renting one for your next meeting, we hope we steered you in the right direction.

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