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Three brands making the ordinary extraordinary

by John Saunders
18th Jul 22 5:05 pm

In a world saturated by businesses with ambition, each claiming to be the next big thing, very few are truly making their mark.

It’s a competitive world out there and it takes a truly special idea to capture the imaginations of consumers who are constantly overwhelmed with messages of what they should be buying next. But by taking simple concepts and transforming them into something truly unique, these three brands have perfected their marketing approach to turn the everyday into the extraordinary – take a look.

1. Yvolution

Traditional kids’ toys like scooters may have fallen out of fashion in recent years, but brands like Yvolution are bringing them back into focus.

From V-shaped scooters to traditional models with third wheels attached for added security, the company produces a charming and accessible range perfect for starting your child on their first scooter.

What’s so unique about them? It isn’t just the innovative designs and fabulous colours that make Yvolution’s kids’ scooters so popular, though it’s one of the reasons. A real understanding of the parents’ priorities about safety as well as what kids want is helping this brand recapture the simple magic of playing outside.

2. Piglet’s Pantry

The afternoon tea trend has taken off rapidly in the last few years, gaining popularity for events from birthdays to hen parties.

And Piglet’s Pantry brings this fabulous treat right to your door. With a range of handmade options, including boozy brunches, vegan delights and catering for corporate events, this delivery service includes everything from teabags to delicate handmade cakes and makes for a fabulous gift for any occasion.

What’s so unique about them? Post-pandemic, the convenience and simplicity of an at-home experience is one of the best things a business can offer. This luxury made easy is thoughtfully designed, with a bespoke touch

3. Glossybox

The cosmetics industry is estimated to stand at a worth of $500 billion dollars. The money is there to be made for anyone who can engage the right audience of consumers, and popular beauty subscription service Glossybox have managed to achieve just that.

Monthly subscription boxes are hardly a new phenomenon, though like many others they appear to have risen in popularity thanks to the pandemic. People love the surprise element of receiving something they themselves haven’t chosen, and Glossybox’s model delivers a combination of well-known brands and hidden gems of the beauty world in every box.

What’s so unique about them? Similar services exist but Glossybox is irrefutably the market leader. As well as the wide variety of beauty and skincare products including in their monthly subscription boxes, they also produce their own range of items which can be purchased directly form the site, including the Glossybox skincare range, which is discounted to subscribers.

Seeking inspiration from brands driven by originality? These are just three fantastic innovators leading the way.

What are your favourite brands transforming ordinary ideas into something extraordinary? Let us know in the comments below.

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