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These are the top 8 qualities of most innovative workplaces

26th Oct 16 9:59 am

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A badly designed open plan office can stifle innovation in the UK, according to Gensler’s 2016 Workplace Survey.

The study found that over eight million UK employees work in open plan environments and many of these environments are not designed to promote creativity and innovation.

The top 8 qualities the most innovative workplaces share include:

1. Thoughtfully designed physical work environments, which prioritise and support both individual and group work.

2. Work environments which support different work modes – focusing, learning, collaborating and socialising.

3. Leadership approaches that embrace autonomy and empowerment to allow employees choice to work where they want.

4. A clear organisational mission and purpose which give employees a level of meaning so they feel they are making a difference, personally and organisationally.

5. A culture which breeds good at-work relationships, particularly manager-employee relations.

6. Better access to and use of amenities such as cafes, outdoor spaces, restaurants, grocery stores, chemists, etc. and better access to a range of shared but private enclosed spaces.

7. Spaces which are matched to job needs, not role. Employees who report that the spaces in their offices are assigned by job requirements, rather than hierarchy, are much more likely to also report an optimal workplace experience.

8. Overall a well -balanced and varied working environment which enables employees to innovate, create and thrive.

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