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The worst things bound to ruin an otherwise great camping trip

26th Apr 18 2:02 pm

Happy camping

When you plan a camping trip, all you are looking forward to is a great experience in the outdoors that will grant you the time and the place to relax and recharge your inner reserves. As usual, you will make the necessary preparation to ensure you don’t forget with every essential, including using online passport renewal, if at all you are planning on visiting another country for camping.

However, irrespective of how thorough and meticulous you are in your planning, there are certain times when certain things will just go south, and you will have very little or no control over them. As a camper, you should be aware of such eventualities, and learn how to deal with them appropriately when they occur. Here are a few of the things bound to ruin an otherwise a great camping trip-:

Forgetting about something important

It would be okay if you forget with your sleeping bag or even a few food supplies, but can you imagine how it would be if you forgot with your tent. Perhaps you have driven for miles away from home to the campsite, just to check the car and realize you have no tent. This alone is sufficient to make you head back home and plan for the camping some other time. Again, forgetting camping essentials such as the source of light and source of fire will also make you have a nasty experience on the camping grounds.

Loud neighbours

Noise at the campsite is never appreciated, but sometimes having loud neighbors is simply inevitable. It could happen in the morning or late at night when you are trying to catch some sleep, but you can’t because of the loud neighbors. The best way to deal with such a situation is to ensure silence for others while at the site. If every camper is quiet, then we wouldn’t have a lot of noise. Secondly, you can politely ask the group making the noise to lower their tones, and if they refuse, engage the manager. For most campsites, making noise for others is against the rules and the management should be able to take some form of action to protect other campers.

Animals devouring your foods

When you are deep camping in the jungle, the last thing you want to experience is animals raiding your tent and devouring all your food. You could be camping in a remote place with no restaurants around and when you run out of food, it means your camping will also be over. But to avoid this from happening, just ensure not to leave leftovers carelessly as this can attract some animals through smells. Additionally, when you are leaving for the outdoors during the day or when going to sleep at night, be sure to lock up all the foods. Most camping sites will avail lock boxes specifically designed to help you store your supplies.

Getting lost, and it is getting late

Can you imagine a situation when you are in a place where nothing looks familiar, the sun is setting on the horizon, but still you don’t know where to pitch your tent? Getting lost is common, especially when you are trying a new camping ground and unless you can salvage the situation in good time, you could start the camping on the wrong footing, or you might as well call it off. To avoid getting lost, you must have a way to tell direction such as having a map, a compass direction or a GPS handset. You may also need a phone to call the campsite for direction if you happen to have a signal. It can be a poor experience to go for online passport renewal to go for camping in another country only to end up getting lost and never making it to the grounds.

Someone gets an injury

Camping is supposed to be fun and will always feature lots of indoor activities. But sometimes things don’t turn out as you had hoped, like when someone gets hurt in the course of having fun. Depending on the severity of the injury, a camping trip can always come to an end just to attend to the injured and get them to a hospital for better medical care. Though injuries sometimes are inevitable, there are certain things that can be done to reduce their chances of occurring.

The first thing is to have the right outdoor gear, including safe and comfortable hiking boots. Then it is also important to practice safe hiking, always sticking to the recommended trails and avoiding unnecessary contact with wild animals, such as feeding or petting them. Additionally, you should remember camping ground safety rules such as not playing with fire or cooking inside the tents. Finally, you should carry a well-stocked first aid box for minor injuries.

You get poisoned, Ivy

If you are in unknown territory, you could easily get poisoned by plants on your foot, arms, and legs. Sometimes it can be so painful and itchy that you may be compelled to cut short your tour. When you experience such an encounter, there are two ways you can use to fix it. The first method is to dress properly, with clothes covering your legs, and arms, as well as closed shoes for your feet. Secondly, you can carry along a poison ivy treatment such as calamine lotion.

You get sick

This is probably the last thing you can ever wish for when you go out camping, but sometimes it does happen. When you get sick while still at home, then it would be a good idea to just cancel the entire trip. When you get sick at the campsite, then some respite will be necessary. One of the ways to avoid getting sick during your adventure is to never embark on a trip when you are feeling unwell and also to stay hydrated all day long. If you feel a little unwell, relax around the camping grounds and if you feel it is getting serious, simply leave the campsite and seek medical attention.

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