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The ultimate guide to deep sea fishing in Dubai

by Sarah Dunsby
4th Oct 18 9:47 am

Deep sea fishing is one of the best ways you can escape the noise of traffic and people in Dubai city. Though many people are caught up the intriguing Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek, there is another way many have not discovered that can give them a new level of experience they are not used to. Deep sea fishing in Dubai is one of the tremendous activities in Dubai that attracts tourists from all over the globe.

Dubai has been named the biggest deep sea fishing destination in the world has held various marine events and sports. The guys who perhaps enjoy most when it comes to deep sea fishing tours are the residents of Dubai because of how near they are from the waters. Most tourists are used to shore fishing tours which doesn’t year maximally and tiny fish. But with deep sea, there is plenty of fish which are large in their sizes.

Deep fishing tours are usually considered expensive because the user needs to hire the vessel and carry their own things when heading into the sea. So how do you get a great vessel that will fit your needs? Here is how.

How to get the most suitable vessel

The last thing you probably would never want to experience is an old, malfunctioning boat that will stop the engine in the middle of the sea when you have gone kilometres away from the shore. The beauty is that Dubai is a great destination which has well-serviced and modern sailing vessels which don’t have any likelihood of getting damaged during your fishing tour. Nevertheless, follow the following so as to come up with the most appropriate charter.

Carry your own research

If you know you are going for deep sea fishing during your vacation, do an early preparation of searching the best Fishing Tour Company in Dubai coastline.  It is not appropriate to carry out some research when you are already in the land because chances are that you will be influenced and sweet-talked by the hotel attendants to sail with the company they have dealt with. To avoid that, visit your internet and search.

Look at their offers, timings, and prices. Remember you don’t want to spend extravagantly; you need some amount to sustain you in the land for some few days before climaxing your trip. So as to be on save hands look out for the following things:

The number of crew members – any charter that will not have at least 2 crew members should be out of your list. One crew will definitely get tired after sometime when navigating through the waters, that’s why they should be two and above.

The kind of activities during the tour – remember this is a recreational and fun activity, so if it is only deep sea fishing  without any other activity, it can be boring. Great deep sea fishing should involve both trolling and bottom fishing. However, many charter companies don’t like trolling because of the much fuel the boat consumes.

The distance from the shore – although you’re looking for large fish, you don’t have to go over 100 kilometres from the shore where the unexpected may happen like a storm or something. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you go for 20 kilometres from the shore calling it deep sea. Many companies may want to save petrol by taking you to at most 20Km; don’t accept such a charter. Deep sea fishing means going really deep in the sea.

The type of the charter – a great charter should be well equipped with washrooms and be more than 30 feet long. You should also check their modernity. Don’t use an old vessel to go for deep sea fishing.

By having the answers to the above while doing your search, you can be guaranteed to have a great charter for launching to deeper seas. It is also necessary to remember that when hiring the boat, you will enjoy meals and drinks like the ones at Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek. That means you have to carry things like food, drinks, beverages, sunglasses, a cap, sea sickness tablets, a long sleeve shirt or t-shirt, snacks, jigging rods if you are an experienced in deep sea fishing, an extra clothing because you may get wet, and some swimming trunks. You are set for a happy fishing now.


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