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The ‘Tube Tube’ shield that helps nervous commuters

by LLB Reporter
17th Jun 20 6:51 am

A coronavirus screen manufacturing company has developed an innovative PPE headshield to help protect the public against Covid-19 whilst commuting and offer reassurance for nervous travellers on the move.

Dubbed the ‘Tube Tube’, Plastock the UK’s leading plastics supplier, has developed the 360° Persona Screen, offering users a unique, portable plastic shield that forms a complete 360° barrier around the head and face. It sits lightly on the shoulders and reaches above the head, offering effective and high barrier protection when out in public.

With face coverings becoming compulsory on public transport from Monday 15 June, the new ‘Tube Tube’ is a comfortable alternative to face masks, and aims to make breathing easier, whilst also allowing others to read your facial expressions. The ‘Tube Tube’ will help people protect themselves and others on the go.

The lightweight Perspex tube fits flush to the upper body to maximise protection. The ‘Tube Tube’ is created bespoke to order, meaning each one is a perfect and tailored fit to accommodate different body frames for a consistently high-quality finish.

Gareth McLaughlin an Assistant Events Manager from London tried out the screen for his commute. He said, “I felt a bit self-conscious at first, but it’s lightweight, and doesn’t obstruct communication and breathing like a mask does. I’ve been nervous about getting back on the tube, but the complete 360° barrier and the extra height gave me the reassurance to travel into work.”

Co-founder of Plastock, Dan Myers said,“The 15 June is a milestone for the UK economy – the opening of non-essential businesses will inevitably encourage people to leave the house more often, and at the same time, it will be mandatory to wear a face covering on public transport.

“We wanted to create something which would make people feel safe while out and about, and also offer an alternative to face masks which many people find uncomfortable to wear.

“The ‘Tube Tube’ will allow people to feel protected, protect others and abide by new travel advice, whilst keeping a clear view of their surroundings. The pandemic has created increased anxiety levels across the UK, so we hope that by producing these protective shields, we will give people the confidence to be able to travel more easily.”

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