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The Royal Navy could “cripple” Spain despite being far weaker since the Falklands

2nd Apr 17 5:26 pm

What’s going on?

Military experts have come out and said that despite the Royal Navy being weaker today than it was during the Falklands War, the UK’s Navy could still “cripple” Spain.

The former director of operational capability for the MoD, Rear Admiral Chris Parry has said that the British government must “appropriately” invest in to the UK’s military if they are to “talk big” over Gibraltar.

Lord Howard the former Conservative leader, today has suggested that the Prime Minister, Theresa May would go to war with Spain to protect the sovereignty of Gibraltar as did Thatcher with the Falklands.

During the 1982 Falklands war with Argentina the Royal Navy had more than 127 ships, 23 destroyers and frigates with two aircraft carriers. Today we only have six destroyers, 13 frigates and no aircraft carriers.

Rear Admiral Chris Parry said to the Telegraph: “if the Government wants to talk big over Gibraltar, or indeed anywhere else, they have to invest appropriately in the military capacity to back that up.”

“we are a lot less powerful than we were during the Falklands and we are much weaker. Our capacity for actually enforcing our will in military terms is significantly less.”

“We are much weaker and we are weaker in our war fighting assets in particularly because of the disingenuous way in which this Government has resourced defence- it’s been totally disgraceful.” 

However, Rear Admiral Parry insists that Britain’s military capability “vastly” outnumbers Spain. Should it come to war, the UK is three times more powerful.

He added: “We could cripple Spain in the medium term and I think the Americans would probably support us too.”

“In terms of military capability, we would vastly outnumber them and our capacity to do them harm is far greater.”

“We are significantly more powerful than them, if it came to it we are probably three times more powerful than they are.”

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