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The Power Of Long-Term tenures: Exploring Clément Perrette’s rise with Barclays

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29th Jun 20 12:29 pm

In the seemingly distant past, countless individuals pursued concise professional goals throughout a linear trajectory. Within this straightforward path, average employees within various industries evolved within the ranks of a singular company. Through globalisation, rise of technology, and cultural changes, though, this concept of “staying put” has become somewhat obsolete for many modern young professionals. Various studies suggest that young professionals change jobs at a much more frequent rate than previous generations, and will encounter roughly 15 jobs throughout their professional journey.

While this willingness to venture to new prospects, engage in challenging growth opportunities, and follow one’s bliss may provide various benefits, gaining long-term experience within a thriving company can also foster brilliant results for the eager professional. For vastly experienced capital markets financier Clément Perrette, his long-term venture with Barclays Capital provided the framework for Perrette to master skills, showcase leadership capability, and grow alongside a consistently evolving company.

Learn the industry

For many young professionals entering the workforce for the first time post-matriculation, real world experience within a particular industry can trigger regrets, and feelings of wanting to change trajectories all together. In order to minimise the chances of this shock, seasoned professionals like Perrette recommend that young people pursue an education in a field that greatly interests them, and to garner as much experience within the field throughout initial assignments as possible. Long before his long-term tenure with Barclays, young Clément Perrette recognised his innate interest in finance. With a strong scientific background throughout his primary education, he instinctively pursued a Master of Finance degree from the esteemed HEC Paris.

From there, young Perrette initially embarked on his professional journey with Société Générale Paris, where he gained his fledgling experiences with setting up innovative FRF STRIPS desks for the company. Through these early experiences, Perrette solidified his long-term passion for finance, gained initial leadership opportunities, and worked toward gaining a long-term position that would allow him to grow alongside a leading company in the field.

Recognise in-house growth opportunity

After getting proverbial feet wet for multiple months, or years, many professionals find themselves “itching” for a new growth opportunity. At times, without an immediately present next step within their own companies, these otherwise satisfied professionals begin to seek readily available opportunities at other companies. While this may temporarily resolve their immediate desire for a new role, starting over at a brand new company can be accompanied by other negative considerations.

For professionals feeling restless, Perrette suggests recognising long-term growth opportunities available within their company, or seeking ways to manifest these opportunities through inciting growth. For example, if a particularly coveted leadership position has already been filled, savvy professionals can benefit from volunteering to spearhead other leadership opportunities in varying departments, or leveraging their previously perfected skills to lead the generation of a new project. By pitching new ideas, developing new concepts, and remaining open to building opportunities, professionals can manifest desired opportunities within their already existing companies.

When Clément Perrette joined Barclays Capital in July of 2002, he leveraged his previous experiences with setting up STRIPS trading desks to develop the evolving capability for the finance leader and grab the opportunity that Barclays innovative approach, to merge Government bonds and Interest rate derivatives desks, was offering.  Perrette successfully developed,  and managed the STRIPS and Long-End EUR Rates trading desks for Barclays which included bonds and swaps products and raised Barclays Capital rankings to become number 1 flow franchise in EUR Rates products… Not only did this move allow for Perrette to employ his mastery of leadership within the niche of STRIPS systems, but it allowed him to expand his position and diversify his skills.

Leverage experience into leadership roles

Upon gaining effective experience creating, implementing, and successfully running the STRIPS, EUR Long-End Government Bonds, and EUR Swaps departments for Barclays for five years, Perrette manifested this breadth of experience into a leadership role with the company. Through loyal and effective implementation of Perrette’s skills within his evolving role at Barclays, upper management trusted Perrette’s ability to manage others. Intimately understanding Perrette’s work ethic, commitment to the company, and dedication to excellence, management was confident in Perrette’s ability to successfully handle exceedingly complex roles. In January of 2008, Perrette became the Head of EUR Rates trading and Managing Director for Barclays, effectively shifting his previously mastered position into a leadership and oversight role.

In Perrette’s case, his extensive in-house experience with Barclays propelled him as a leader, and allowed him to become a widely trusted and valued member of the team. Due to the trusting professional relationship he fostered with colleagues, management, and team members through these integral prior roles, Perrette was welcomed into a leadership role in a way that didn’t require much transition, probation, or extensive training.

Thus, for professionals who have excelled within entry level roles with a singular company for a number of years, the experiences and interpersonal skills manifested throughout these roles can be integral for securing future leadership roles within the same company. Excelling within entry-level roles can become a basic building block for harnessing future leadership opportunities, and should be treated as such.

Build a professional community

By frequently swapping employers, many individuals can miss out on the interpersonal connections that champion a professional community spirit. Thus, for professionals who have amassed long-term experience within a singular company, it can become easier to forge meaningful professional relationships with peers, mentors, and other professionals. Leveraging these relationships, professionals can rely on the expertise of peers for assistance, collaborate effectively on various projects, and enjoy a robust team experience.

As a leader within his evolving roles with Barclays, Clément Perrette worked to effectively build comprehensive teams, implement collaborative strategies, and leverage the benefits of building long-term professional relationships. In February of 2011, he was named Strategic Advisor , prior to accepting the role of Head of the Investment Function  in January of 2012.

Benefit from mentorships

As a long-term leader for the company from trading desks to trading teams between 2002 to 2013, Perrette enjoyed the camaraderie of other leaders, the mentorship of upper management, and the opportunity to mentor rising talent. With understanding of the growth, development, success, and nuances of Barclays, Perrette welcomed the opportunity to learn from his predecessors, and pass on his leadership skills to others in his department. This cycle of leadership, engagement, learning, and mentorship can only be effectively employed via long-term employees, without the disruption of constantly changing employees.

Throughout his finance career, Clément Perrette has spent formidable years engaged in evolving roles with Barclays Capital. Through this myriad of assignments, he has benefitted from the upward mobility that can only be earned through hard work, and a long-term commitment to a thriving company. By growing alongside the company, Perrette utilised his experiences to successfully develop new systems, gain growth opportunities, and become a managing leader for the branches that he helped to initiate. Along the way, he developed professional mentorships, and relationships that would be beneficial for the entire company, as well as for his own professional trajectory. For young professionals hoping to gain similar experiences, exploring the power of long-term tenures with thriving companies may be key.

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