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The power of appreciation in the casino business

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11th Aug 20 2:20 pm

In business, making your staff feel appreciated is one of the essential elements for the success of an operation. However, there are still many operations that fail in this area. What can we do to meet and exceed an employee’s expectations? The human spirit can be amazing and in tough times a simple “thank you” can go a long way.

What happens when there is no appreciation

Besides, let’s take a look at how business operations will look if the employees have zero motivation and appreciation:

  • The message of your brand will become like a jigsaw puzzle.
  • The guest experience will become anaemic.
  • Fewer visitors to your land-based establishment.
  • Nobody will be talking about your business or get your products.
  • Missing targets.
  • Morale and culture will disintegrate.
  • Your management and staff will eventually abandon the ship.

In other words, people leave when a company fails to offer anything of value. They go because the customer experience can be sluggish and no longer meet their expectations. They can leave because competition helped them solve their problems by delivering a simple, focused and personalised message.

The needs of humans still include the need to survive, feel secured and belong to a group of people that we can relate to whether it is a casino club, rock n’ roll band or a group of weekend motor car enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter on which domain we work as long as we feel appreciated. Humans also share psychological and spiritual needs that give us a higher sense of meaning.

Tips to show appreciation

Great companies know the importance of staff appreciation, and they invest a lot into them to ensure that they are appreciated, motivated, engaged and empowered to meet and exceed expectations. Gratitude and respect is an integral part of staff’s retention, and great companies retain their best staff by implementing and integrating some if not all the best practices into their daily operations.

Clarify the message of the brand

The brand message should always aim at attracting, retaining and maximising the value that the operation generates for players. The message needs to be something that the staff can also relate on the same level as the players that choose to play slots or table games at your casino. Once the employees understand the brand message, they will be better prepared to deliver above and beyond expectations.

The importance of trust

What you do as a leader has a far more impact than what you say, and trust has a significant effect on employees and how they perceive the place where they choose to work. A great leader knows the importance of trust, and it will apply it daily. These behaviours include showing respect, creating transparency, clarifying expectations, practising accountability, delivering results and keeping commitments. If there is no trust, the employees won’t perform for the company or player expectations.


It is a great motivator and allows showing to your employees that you appreciate them. This isn’t about communicating through emails with your other managers. Communication is about that daily two-way communication that is used to improve operations and empower the staff by engaging them and using their feedback to change the way of productivity. Communication can raise the staff’s satisfaction levels.

Recognition and mentoring

A simple “good morning” or a well deserved “thank you” during your daily briefing will go a long way to keep your employees happy, motivated and appreciated. Recognition increases the staff’s morale and also encourages repeated behaviours. A lot of companies use different forms of appreciation such as employee of the month, regular evaluations and one-on-one sessions to see what motivates each employee as an individual. Empowering employees to use their skills and experience to meet company goals with minimal supervision. Mentoring is also a form of appreciation because leaders get the chance to share their knowledge and expertise to help others improve, grow and succeed. Mentoring works both ways, and a great leader will take full advantage to learn from those they are working with.


It’s never too late to show appreciation, and it’s never too late to change the way you do business and make appreciation as an integral part of your business improvement strategy. Great leaders know the power of a united and motivated team. It is similar to living life with joy.

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