The new iPhone X and iOS suffers major leak ahead of its launch


Here’s what happened

Apple has suffered a major leak ahead of its new launch on Tuesday, the iPhone X was revealed by Steven Troughton-Smith, who is a game developer as he discovered a leaked software code.

It has been reported that an Apple employee leaked the codes online, and according to MacRumours and 9to5Mac, published the details of the grand master code.

It has further been rumoured the new phone will not have a home button, but will have a face ID and fingerprint recognition system that will unlock the phone.

The new device will also have animated 3D emojis along with new wallpapers and portrait lighting to help take better pictures using more detailed camera options.

The iPhone X is to be launched at the same time as the 8 and 8 plus, Tuesday also mark iPhones 10th anniversary.