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The MetaTrader 5: Forex and CFD traders benefitting from advanced trading

by Sarah Dunsby
17th May 21 10:57 am

Traders in CFDs and Forex are increasingly choosing the MetaTrader 5 trading platform to execute trades seamlessly.

Electronic trading is the default manner of modern equities and derivatives trading. High-speed internet connection, technological progress, and innovation have introduced incredible automation to trading. Having the MetaTrader 5 For Mac or Windows integrated into your device makes trading all the more efficient.

The UK economy is getting back on track after a year of Covid-19 devastation. At the start of May, the Bank of England projected that the economy would grow by seven percent by December.

This news presents Forex and CFD traders more opportunities because there will be currency and asset price movements by then.

Why trade CFDs and Forex?

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are unique financial products that allow two parties to agree to trade on the price movements of underlying assets. Here is a list with regulated UK and AU trading platforms that offer CFDs.

These contracts rely on the difference between the entry and exit prices.  If the price is higher, the broker pays the buyer the difference, and vice versa.

At all times, the trader does not handle the asset but only trades on price movements.

Most professional traders offer leveraged trading using CFDs. Traders can place a small margin position and have a significantly larger trading position.

Leverage amplifies the effects (gains or losses) of price changes in the underlying security for investors. It is one of the attractions to CFD trading but also presents some risk.

Forex trading simply refers to a market for the trading of currencies. Traders use currency pairs at current exchange rates. The market sets exchange rates that traders anticipate or try to anticipate.

Should they get it right, they make profits. Unlike CFDs which cover diverse markets, Forex focuses on currencies exclusively.

Both types of trading are similar because one can quickly enter or exit the market in both rising and falling markets.

Brokers typically charge a small fee for spread, but there are no commissions. In electronic trading, the two are popular because they are real-time exciting and potentially lucrative.

Trading in fast-moving markets requires skill and analysis. Take time to learn about Forex and CFDs before trading.

What does MetaTrader 5 do?

MetaTrader 5 is a multi-asset platform that facilitates Forex, equities, and derivatives trading.

The platform offers comprehensive tools for analysis and automated trading. This tool has become popular because it allows for all types of trading orders.

Additionally, the platform provides different execution modes to enable instant, request, market, and exchange execution.

Its advanced analysis and performance optimization tools place it above other platforms. For CFD and Forex traders, this platform comes in handy.

The availability of real-time data and advanced analysis make their activities more manageable.

Additionally, it works great on mobile and PC, making it convenient for all traders.

Installing the MetaTrader 5 is pretty straightforward.

  • On the internet browser, open the MT5 download page. You can access it through trading platforms like Admiral Markets.
  • Click the download button and enter details as required.
  • Run the installer once the download finishes.
  • Complete authorization, and you are ready to use either a live or demo trading account.

The download procedures vary slightly depending on whether one uses Windows, Mac, or Linux.

A demo account allows a newbie to test Forex or CFD markets without putting real money on the line.

Live accounts are the high table and are potentially lucrative.  For a live account:

  • Register an account with a professional broker.
  • Go to the section of the dashboard labeled ‘live accounts.’
  • Verify your email and identification details.
  • Fund your account and begin trading.

In conclusion

MetaTrader 5 is an efficient, robust, and secure platform. These qualities are the checklist for trading CFDs and Forex smoothly.

The in-built functionality of the trading platform is the icing on the cake especially for traders who want to make the most out of all the tools that are wrapped within the trading platform.

CFD and Forex trading are viable and potentially lucrative activities. Some traders do it full-time, while others trade part-time.

Anyone can learn how to trade, and the efficiency of the MetaTrader 5 is of great help.

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