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The industry that employees are the most happiest

by LLB Reporter
26th Jun 23 9:28 am

The pursuit of job satisfaction is a common aspiration, however as many as 36% of UK employees are unhappy in their roles.

With this in mind, Slot Tracker sought to uncover which industry truly loves their boss the most, and what makes these relationships flourish.

The experts analysed survey data to gain insights into employees perceptions of their bosses and the underlying factors influencing these sentiments.

Slot Tracker can reveal that employees working in the Media and Internet industry are the most satisfied with their bosses, with a significant 84.4% expressing a positive opinion. Among the age groups within the industry, individuals aged between 18-34 are the most fond of their bosses, with a staggering 95.2% admitting to liking them. This is 26% higher than 50-69 year olds. Interestingly, there is also a gender disparity in the Media and Internet industry, with 86.8% of females showing a preference for their boss compared to 75% of males. Good management is cited as the primary reason for employees in this industry liking their boss.

The Charity and Voluntary sector ranks as the second most satisfied industry with their bosses, with an impressive 82.9% of respondents expressing a positive view. This is a staggering 58.2% higher than the industry in 15th place – Sales (24.7%) – where less than a quarter of employees like their boss.

Boss satisfaction is fairly evenly distributed among all age groups, with approximately 82% reporting positive emotions. Individuals aged 30-49 working in the Charity sector are over three times more satisfied with their boss compared to 35-49 year olds in retail (25.4%).

Similarly to the Media and Internet industry, both male and females within the Charity and Voluntary work sector have a favourable view of their bosses – 81.4% and 83.4%, respectively. Males working in Charity and Volunteer organisations exhibit the greatest fondness for their boss compared to any other industry analysed (81.4%).

Bosses in the Information Technology sector secure third place, with 78.3% of employees admitting to liking their boss, and citing good management skills as the primary reason. Interestingly, this is 46.5% higher than 10th place industry, Teaching and Education.

There seems to be a difference between age groups within the IT industry in terms of their satisfaction with their boss. While 86.5% of 18-34 year olds admit to liking their boss, only 63.2% of 50-69 year olds feel the same. Furthermore, females (94.1%) within the industry are happier with their boss compared to males (73.8%), with females rating their employee-boss relationships the highest in the IT industry compared to any other industry analysed.

Slot Tracker can reveal that employees within the Sales industry are the least fond of their bosses. Only 24.7% of employees admit to liking their boss, which is over three times less than the best employee-boss relationships in the Media and Internet industry. Among employees aged 50-69 years old, those working in Sales are the most unhappy with their boss relationships (23.4%), closely followed by 35-49 year olds working in Retail (25.4%). In Sales, females dislike their boss the most with only 22.6% having positive feelings towards their manager, compared to 26.3% of men.

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