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Putin bans British fishermen from their waters, but ‘fish move, after all’

22nd Feb 24 3:36 pm

Vladimir Putin has banned British fishermen from the icy waters of the Barents sea as they believe

Around 40% here in the UK eat a lot of fish and chips which makes up our diet.

However, Mike Cohen, chief executive of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations (NFFO), ridiculed Putin and Russian politicians over their “outlandish claims.”

Vyacheslav Volodin, Speaker of the Russian Duma, or parliament claims that “40% of the British diet is fish,” Cohen laughed and said “I wish it was!”

Putin has torn up a treaty which allows British fishing boats into the Barents Sea that has been in place since 1956.

At the time Russia was the USSR who agreed in 1956 to allow British fishing vessels to fish off the coast of Norway.

Cohen told the Express.co.uk, “British fishermen have not worked in Russian waters for decades and have no need to, since we can fish the same stocks closer to home. Fish move, after all.

“I cannot see any way in which this will affect British fishermen or British consumers.”

Cohen called the Duma’s decision, as “domestic political theatre, unconnected to reality.”

He added, “Some of their claims are just outlandish.

“40% of the British diet is fish? I wish it was!

“We catch 500,000 tonnes of fish a year in Russian waters?

“Our total catch as a national fleet was 630,000 tonnes last year – most in our own waters.

“A colleague tells me that they think the last time a British boat fished in Russian waters was the early 1960s.

“It was certainly a very long time ago.”

Volodin said on Wednesday, “Putin returned Crimea to Russia and he will forever go down in history as the president who returned our territory.

And it’s him again, it’s his decision exclusively: he gave us back our fish.

“Because it was eaten for 68 years by the unscrupulous British.”

He added, “They announced sanctions against us, but they themselves make 40 per cent of their diet, their fish menu, from our cod.

“Now let them lose weight, get smarter. Because it is cod and other species of fish, including haddock, that form 40 per cent of their diet.

“And it’s one of their favourite dishes.

“Now we have returned this favourite dish to them on the initiative of our President.”

Speaking to Sky News, the president of the UK’s National Federation of Fish Friers Andrew Cook said, “For the last two years we’ve experienced really high prices on fish, which we’re still paying the price for.

“Any business that had savings that’s all been eroded because we’ve been paying a lot for fish – and potatoes.”

He then accused Putin of “weaponising food” which is not “a good thing for the world.”

Sarsons who make vinegar said in 2023 that there is around 10,500 fish and chip shops and there could be just 5,000 left in the next three years.

A spokesperson for Sarsons said, “It’s no secret our chippies are facing turbulent times.

“Half of all chip shops are at risk of closure within the next two years because of rising ingredients, energy, and operational costs.”

Andrew Cook told the Mirror, “Fish and chip shops are so deeply entrenched in our culture and history, the thought of them disappearing is unimaginable.

“But given the threat of closure, this may become a bleak reality.

“From rising cost to operational challenges chippies face, our national dish is in danger.”

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