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The importance of the packaging in the scented candle industry

by Sarah Dunsby
9th Feb 24 10:30 am

The field of fragrance diffusers, and in particular that of scented candles, is one where the importance of product quality and packaging go practically hand in hand.
If it is true that in any field, the right packaging is useful for driving sales, in the fragrance sector the right packaging, as well as the quality of the content, can really make a difference and steer the consumer towards a particular product, becoming a true branding vehicle.
We are talking, after all, about products that also represent a furnishing element that can enrich the room by giving it a certain refinement and, consequently, the consumer must have the possibility of choosing a well-conceived packaging that is both striking and not ‘out of place’ regardless of its main function, i.e. the perfuming of the room.
But what are the most commonly used packaging for these products, what is the most suitable material and what characteristics must they have to entice a customer to purchase?

Scented candle jars: Which material to choose?

The most elegant fragrance diffusers often make use of scented wax, which can come in various colours; basically, these are candles that take on the shape of the holder. For the latter, it is necessary to use a material that recalls the idea of elegance and refinement, such as glass, a solution that allows for all kinds of designs, from the most sober to the most elaborate and striking.

In the scented candle sector, candle jars of various shapes and sizes are used, although rather simple designs are often preferred.

What colour to choose for a scented wax container? And what shape?

Glass, as previously mentioned, can be made in different colours and therefore there is a wide range of choice from this point of view, but the most popular solution for candles is the simple transparency; this in fact allows the colour of the contents to be enhanced and the flame to be seen in its natural state. However, depending on specific needs, there is nothing to prevent the use of other colours that can perhaps create pleasant light effects.
As far as shapes are concerned, glass lends itself as mentioned to the most varied designs, one can for example opt for a soft, curved and enveloping shape of a jar or for a particularly simple and ‘minimal’ design such as that of a glass.

Glass: A versatile material

One feature of glass that is particularly interesting from the point of view of marketing strategies is that it is an extremely versatile material: we have already mentioned that it allows for all kinds of designs, straightforward or more elaborate, and that it can also be easily painted or decorated and even customised, a feature that can add an extra touch.
Another interesting property of glass, considering that we are talking about fragrances, is that it is an inert material and as such does not release substances of any kind in contact with its contents; this ensures that the fragrance released by the candle is not altered in any way. It is also a safe material as it has considerable thermal resistance and is therefore ideal for holding a burning candle.

Glass packaging: a sustainable choice

Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to environmental sustainability, and it is no coincidence that all marketing strategies take this factor into great consideration.
From this point of view, glass is certainly a very suitable choice since it is 100% recyclable and also potentially infinitely reusable. From any old container made of glass, it is indeed possible to make another one that is perfectly identical in quality.
In conclusion, glass is a versatile, practical, elegant and eco-friendly material that lends itself perfectly to the creation of scented candle containers.

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