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The importance of digital marketing in the post Covid era

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5th Aug 20 3:53 pm

If you’ve been in marketing for quite some time now, it’s safe to say that you’ve understood quite a lot about how marketing, specifically digital marketing, is now achieved in the modern business arena. Digital marketing has so many benefits for any business, making it a key to all business needs today, such as keeping you on top of the competition, bringing customers in, and it affecting your old and new customers’ purchase decisions.

As of late, all the more that digital marketing has even become more relevant. When the whole world stopped because of the pandemic, the only industries that remained stable are online shops. As people are encouraged to stay home, the only ads they see are those found on their mobile phones or other gadgets.

Even post COVID, it’s still likely that digital marketing will remain very important. This article gives you a breakdown as to why.

First, what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to all of the marketing efforts made by businesses that are centered on the use of electronic devices. These include apps on a mobile phone, websites on the Internet, social media sites, and many more.

As more individuals use their cellphones and other gadgets during their idle time, all the more that digital marketing becomes highly relevant.

Importance of digital marketing in the post-pandemic era

1. Helps to build brand recognition

Because of the pandemic, many businesses need to shift from having brick-and-mortar stores to an online shop. However, this isn’t to say that ecommerce or online selling is in its infancy. In fact, it has been around for quite some time now. That’s many online businesses are more stable and bigger than others. This makes it harder for smaller businesses or those that have just started with the online platform today to compete.

Once everything goes back to normal, businesses will need to double time with their digital marketing campaigns for better brand recognition. That way, these businesses have a stronger playing ground against bigger online shops. This is because they now have an opportunity for brand recognition. This puts them in a competitive position, in preparation for the day when consumers will be able to spend more as they also recover their jobs after their pandemic.

When customers can shop, your brand will be one of the first choices for them to patronize. Thus, through their digital marketing efforts, smaller online shops can make their existence known out in the great big market.

Here’s why brand recognition is very important, especially post-pandemic:

  • It enables businesses to rise back up
  • It reminds the general public, who may have ceased from shopping, that their brand still exists

For example, through their increased social media presence, consumers will know that Extractor Fan World, which supplies bathroom extractor fans, among others, is now selling online as well.

2. Enables businesses to scale up content marketing

As more people are encouraged to stay at home, much of their idle time is spent browsing through various content online. Rather than have online users read content on competing businesses and websites, strive to have them read about yours. That way, you can still get the word out about your products and services.

Since it gives businesses a chance to rise from whatever losses they may have gone through, this is even more important in the post-COVID era. As people slowly get their jobs back, this means that their spending capacity increases as well. Take advantage of this situation through content marketing, which is one of the most effective strategies under digital marketing.

When you’re able to give consumers reasons to patronize and choose your products above others, you’re essentially driving more traffic to your business. That said, here are some of the best tips to apply for content marketing in 2020:

  • Focus your content on building your local community, such as how your products and services can help the general public during this health crisis
  • Build long term trust with your customers so they see your business as an authority even during these trying times
  • Be very careful about using humor as some might be sensitive to it during this dark time
  • Positively engage with your customers through your content
  • Give hope to your customers and the general public by providing valuable information with all of your content

3. Gives you insights on how to be active and productive in social media

Other than reading news, blogs, and other online websites, the general public’s usage of social media sites has increased. This will continue to increase even post-COVID since people will be used to opening their social media sites daily, as they may have done during the pandemic. Fortunately, digital marketing can help you create a robust presence on social media, making your business relevant since more people are now staying in front of the screens.

The good news about this is that social media marketing strategies are generally cheap. If your business is suffering lower revenues because of the pandemic, focusing your marketing efforts on social media can lower your marketing expenses.

With the population on social media increasing by the day due to more social media usage from the pandemic, this is an audience for you not to miss. Right at the tip of your fingers, you’ve got access to a global audience without trying too hard or spending too much on campaigns that aren’t effective. That way, once everything goes back to normal, you already have a robust social media marketing campaign to help boost your sales.


After the pandemic dies down, businesses will continue to find their way back up. For brick-and-mortar industries, it’s a slow uphill journey. For online businesses, they may enjoy a higher rate of stability as many shoppers are now making purchases online.

Once businesses and individuals recover from the effects of the pandemic, your digital marketing campaign efforts can give your business that competitive edge. Many will now hear about your existence and presence, especially once their economic status enables them to start purchasing more things.

If you haven’t started yet with digital marketing, the reasons enumerated above should be enough to convince you to make it a priority from this business season.

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