The habits of highly successful people: Twitter reacts to the World Economic Forum’s absurd early morning to-do list


How many of these things do you do? None probably

Stock image of smug man

Stock image of “smug man”

Yesterday, the World Economic Forum Twitter account posted a screenshot of a list titled “14 things successful people do before breakfast”.

Without even looking at the list, 14 things is a lot of things to get done before you’ve had a bite to eat.

And once you read the list, any initial incredulity is immediately confirmed by the sheer quantity of tasks that must be completed if you want to become whatever crazy breed of “successful person” the World Economic Forum is promoting.

Here is their tweet:


Number 9 is perhaps the most ludicrous – who actually networks over coffee before they’ve had their breakfast? At best, it’s misguided – “I will go out and have coffee with a work contact, but I must not eat breakfast until after that.” At worst, it’s the behaviour you’d expect from someone in the grip of a tragic mental health crisis.

Anyway, the ridiculous list was met with appropriate opprobrium on Twitter.



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