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The government is ‘facing a period of partial paralysis’ if Boris Johnson clings on to power

3rd Feb 22 12:27 pm

The former Cabinet Minister David Davis has warned that the government faces paralysis if Boris Johnson clings on to No.10.

Davis who is a senior MP and is the former Brexit Secretary warned that the Prime Minister is facing “a death of a thousand cuts” if tries to stay at the helm.

On Wednesday three Tory MPs submitted letter of no confidence in Johnson, Tobias Ellwood, Anthony Mangnall and the veteran backbencher Sir Gary Streeter was the third.

Davis told Times Radio that he fears the country is facing a period of partial paralysis as Tory MPs continue to fight over the fate of their leader.

“My concern about this… was that this would be a death of a thousand cuts over months or even over a year, which is what’s happened with every previous leader of the Conservative Party who has been removed; it’s taken a long time,” he said.

“And in that time the country is partially paralysed, every single issue is seen through the lens of ‘is it there to promote Boris or prop up Boris’.”

Two weeks ago Davis told Johnson in the House of Commons to resign, but Foreign Office Minister James Cleverly warned it would be a mistake to have a leadership battle.

Cleverly who is a long time ally of the Prime Minister said this would be a mistake given the situation between Russia and Ukraine.

“When you have got a situation like that, it’s not smart to self-impose an internal disagreement in the party of government, a protracted leadership campaign, which is what we would be doing,” he told Times Radio.

Cleverly is urging Tory MPs to to think back of his “track record of delivery” as he secured Brexit.

“This is his record in Government, this is why I’m supporting him and this is why we should stay focused on what people gave us that 80-seat majority to do,” he added.

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