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The future of BMW: Emerging and advanced technologies

by Sarah Dunsby
30th Oct 23 2:50 pm

Like most other manufacturers, BMW constantly strives to equip its vehicles with the latest technologies, which makes driving more comfortable and safer as it expands the functionality of cars. Still, we should remember that some advanced solutions are directed at producing bmw parts by the manufacturer. This means that the BMW Group can design parts from much higher quality and longer-lasting materials over time.

So, what are the latest BMW technologies installed in different car models of this brand, and what benefits do they provide to drivers? According to lllparts.co.uk specialists, these technologies will improve even more in the future, allowing BMW cars to create additional value to the drivers.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has already been a help to drivers and passengers of BMW vehicles. Numerous models come with the Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) powered by AI, which has made vehicle operation much easier for a driver since 2018. Drivers can activate the assistant by saying “Hey, BMW” and controlling several functions using voice commands. BMW highlights the imperative role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in natural interaction or intuitive vehicle control, increasing the vehicle’s comfort and safety.

Taidgh Barron / Zuma Press / Avalon

At first glance, it may seem that AI only performs the most advanced functions in the latest cars, but this technology has been used for a while. One of the great proofs of this – the feature that allows you to create the possibility of autonomous driving. Some of the new BMW models have a slightly more advanced autonomous driving function that works on the AI principle. The car can automatically analyze the road with obstacles and go around them independently. Such autonomous driving technology is especially relevant for those who live in apartment buildings, whose yards are difficult to maneuver due to randomly parked cars.

Advanced gesture control

One of the innovative features available in some BMW cars is Gesture Control, which allows the driver to perform certain functions by moving the hands. The combination of cameras and sensors can recognize hand gestures, allowing the driver to adjust volume, skip tracks, make calls, and so on without touch controls. Gesture Control was developed with the purpose of easy-to-use infotainment management during driving. As a luxury supplement, it is available among some BMW models.

Technologies that improve the assembly of cars

As mentioned earlier, BMW also uses advanced technology to assemble cars better. This means that most jobs are taken over by robots operating on the principle of artificial intelligence. They can make the vehicles with much more precision, which significantly reduces the chance of inaccuracies, and the components themselves are placed in the car with an accuracy that would be difficult to achieve by manual work. Moreover, the manufacturer manages to optimize car production and perform endless tasks much faster.

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