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The five Titan victims may be left ‘in peace’ along with ‘hundreds of Titanic passengers’

by LLB staff reporter
23rd Jun 23 11:58 am

On Thursday the US Coast Guard revealed that the Titan suffered a “catastrophic failure” and the submersible had “imploded” instantly killing all five on board.

A marine consultancy chief has said that officials could decide to leave the five dead Titan crew members “in peace” at the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean instead of “trying to recover the victims.”

Captain John Noble, director at Constellation Marine Services said that sadly the five Titan victims are now “in a resting place along with hundreds of Titanic passengers.”

Captain Noble told Sky News, “The decision may well be to leave them in peace where they are.”

He then added, that the cost of the recovery will have to be “met from some quarters.”

He was asked about his reaction when it first emerged that the Titan was lost in the Atlantic Ocean, Captain Noble said “like everyone else,” he hoped that there would be good news but was “dreading the worst.”

He added, “There was very little information coming back from the craft so a lot of what was being said was informed speculation.”

Speaking about safety reviews and regulations for similar submersibles, he said, “this will just be the start of a fairly long path by regulators and indeed by the general public.”

He added, “I do think the regulators have to come up with specific requirements for all these so-called research craft to make sure… that they’ve got some balance for safety, some duplication, some means of escape.”

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