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Erik King creator of the Zamethod

The bright future of online gaming—an interview with Erik King

by LLB Reporter
8th Jul 19 9:50 am

Visionaries, sci-fi writers and futurists fill us with hopes about the future every day. From rumours of flying cars to robots companions and a world without cancer—there’s a lot to be hopeful for in the coming years.

If you love online gaming, you probably have a fair share of fantastic things you expect to happen in the industry. First, Google Stadia is coming out in November. But after that, what comes next? We talked to Erik King, the chief editor of Zamsino, and he shared the following insights.

“Mobile gaming is unstoppable.”

As a long time proponent of mobile gaming, King was quick to point out something many gamers have always suspected. Mobile gaming is about to experience exponential growth in the next five years. It’s already happening, as the Zamsino editor notes.

“More people play video games using their smartphones than on desktop computers.”

Quoting a recent study that showed 51% of gamers prefer mobile devices over desktops, King hinted mobile gaming might double or triple within one decade. His sentiments aren’t far-fetched. While desktop usage was double mobile phone ownership before 2010, the opposite is currently accurate.

What’s more, mobile devices keep out-selling desktop machines every year since 2014. If increased phone ownership is an indicator of anything, it’s that mobile gaming will continue to expand as an industry.

“AR and VR will be accessible at your fingertips.”

Talks of AR and VR overtaking the gaming scenes aren’t new. The technology has been around for a while, but it’s yet to penetrate the gaming industry effectively. King believes that’s about to change.

With Google Stadia promising to take care of computing power and everything else that has traditionally made AR and VR adoption impossible, King says the time when everyone will be able to afford VR gaming is close.

Free spins no deposit, as the Zamsino man explains, won’t be defined solely by their sizes. Future casinos that won’t support AR and VR will have a hard time finding customers. Of course, only time will tell how the technology impacts online gaming.

But considering there’s a handful of websites with VR support, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know more casinos will support the technology in future.

“Live gaming and Twitch streaming to take centre stage.”

If you haven’t witnessed it already, streaming casino games on Twitch is fast becoming a thing. Players set up channels like regular video players. But instead of streaming League of Legends or Fortnite, they go straight to their favourite online casinos.

King believes this integration between casinos and Twitch will become more prominent soon than the world expects. As he points out, multiple companies have partnerships with top streamers. Similarly, there are many Twitch players interested in casino streaming.

“Casinos love showcasing their best services, so expect more and more platforms to jump onto this bandwagon. And because most of the action will be happening in live dealers, expect more investments in this area,” King reveals.

Live dealers provide the most immersive experience in online casinos. Players interact with the dealer, and the action goes on live through web cameras. With casino streaming gaining strength and VR becoming a realistic component of the industry, King foresees an incredible future for the industry.

“3D games to flood casinos.”

3D games, as King says, may soon become the face of video slots. The few 3D slots featured in modern casinos are tucked in the best UK, Australia, and New Zealand casinos. Most English speaking countries, including Canada, can claim slot machines bonuses through guides like Beaver slots. But it takes an exclusive guide to find free spins for 3D games.

So, what happens to classic slots? If 3D games take over the slots machines, won’t that mean the end of antique slots games?

“Far from it—slots are unshakeable,” King explains. “Throughout the years, innovations aiming to change how people play slots have been introduced. But irrespective of what was introduced, classic slots have remained a popular niche.”

King would know, having been an editor for casino websites for long. While there are innovations in the gambling industry every year, they complement one another. This happened when Bitcoin came. The cryptocurrency never replaced banking options.

Mobile gaming is yet to eliminate desktops, and it probably won’t. At the game level, new titles spice up what’s present. As such, 3D games may become more prominent in the future, but they won’t replace existing games.

“Casino’s love story with the pop culture just began.”

It’s not a secret anymore. Online casinos love pop culture, and they go to long lengths to be “pop-cultured.” From games like ‘the Big Bang Theory’ to ‘Narcos’ and ‘Game of Thrones,’ gaming websites are increasingly providing slots themed after what’s trendy.

King believes this love story is about to grow fonder. In addition to providing more games titled after movies, video games and sports, casinos will invest in social interactions, TV and celebrity partnerships.

He isn’t wrong. Playtech, which is famed for developing brand-named slots, recently announced plans to increase its list of pop culture themed games. When it comes to celebrity partnerships, countless websites are doing it.

Again, you don’t need to dig deep to find gaming sites with TV partnerships. The X-Factor casino, for instance, is a subsidiary of the X Factor Games TV show. Sky Bet is responsible for a slew of gambling websites while bookies are notorious for sponsoring TV shows.

To conclude

Everyone thinks online gaming has a bright future. Erik King believes it, and he has a lot of points to back his claims. Mobile gaming, as he noted, will continue expanding and could overshadow desktop gaming in less than a decade to come.

But similar to 3D or VR games, mobile gaming won’t eliminate desktops. It will complement desktop gaming. Nevertheless, the Zamsino editor is excited about the future. He believes technological advancements and inspirations from pop culture will help online gaming step up to the next level.

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