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The best city cars for commuting To London

by Sarah Dunsby
2nd Aug 18 12:20 pm

When looking for a car for your commute to London, fuel economy and comfort are two of the most important elements. However, what about the size and other key features? Here, we’re taking a closer look at the best city cars for commuting to the big city.

Citron C3

With its small design and special Airbump design, the Citron C3 is perfect for the commuting to London. Due to its small design, it is very agile, allowing you to turn sharp corners and react to the surrounding traffic as issues present themselves. Although this car is small and quick, the fuel consumption can be an issue for some commuters, as the cost can vary depending on the model that you buy. This makes this car a contender for those that are commuting into London from relatively close. However, if you are driving a long way the fuel consumption may be a lot more of an issue.

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

This car and its nifty size are perfect for those that are looking for a reasonably sized car which has multiple different engine sizes. This is beneficial when commuting to London, as the engine size will have a profound effect on the fuel economy and the number of miles it does to the gallon. Therefore, it is important to do your research on which one will benefit you. The petrol version of this vehicle is better suited for a commute to London as you will then avoid the tax for diesel vehicles. With comfortable suspension as well as well as the signature Alfa Romeo style you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality vehicle for your commute to London every day.

Volkswagen Up!

The very popular Volkswagen up is a popular choice for many when commuting as its small size and comfortable ride make for the perfect city car. The fuel consumption on this vehicle is also worth noticing with it achieving 68.9 miles per gallon at its most optimal. This is ideal for those that are travelling long distances as you can rest assured that your car will not be draining fuel. Additionally, there is plenty of room for bags and other luggage to ensure that no matter where you are travelling you will have the best possible experience.

Smart Fortwo

At only 1.66 meters wide this small little car is ideal for those that live in or commute to the city for work. This small little car is not only comfortable to drive, but it is agile in order to navigate these small corners and twists and turns of the London streets. Also with a fuel economy of 58.9 miles to the gallon you can be sure that your fuel will go a long way when sat in traffic on the busy London streets.

Mercedes C class

Although this is one of the more luxury cars on this list, this range of the car is the life of luxury on the road. With amazing comfort and ride as well as air-conditioned or heated seats for all weather conditions you can guarantee that your commute to work will always be a comfortable one. With lane assist and cruise control, you can enjoy your time on your daily commute whilst being as comfortable as possible.

Although traffic is never fun to navigate the car that you are in can help make it less painful and with a wide range of vehicles for you to choose from your morning commute will never be the same again.

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