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Thales Capital careers complete history

by Sarah Dunsby
5th Jan 23 2:02 pm

Operating one or even more investment vehicles can be challenging, especially if you have expansion plans as a financial institution. Every decision holds a potential risk, and every number matters.

This is why many companies across the globe prefer to create trusted partnerships with corporate services companies. Having a partner like that provides you with a full spectrum of fund management services: cash management services, business formation services, and investment vehicle structuring.

Structuring and launching investment vehicles

Thales Capital specializes in full-service investment vehicle structure and launch, including complete banking connectivity services. The company provides turn-key tailored solutions for fund finance management, investment funds structuring, as well as other crucial business formation services.

Fund structuring is crucial to maximize the ROI for investors and manage straightforward arrangements between fund managers, investors, and other parties.

This kind of service ensures the optimal functionality of investment vehicles, correct tax planning, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

As you can see, corporate structuring services play a crucial role in facilitating a company’s success.

Acting as a financial advisor, Thales Capital leads every project on a holistic basis and takes responsibility for managing every crucial aspect.

The vision is the key

The qualified, independent financial adviser and corporate services company Thales Capital Luxembourg specializes in capital management, investment fund structuring, and capital raising. The team is based in Luxembourg but works with businesses in almost every global financial region. The company also has official representatives in the Netherlands and Mauritius.

The company cultivates trusting connections and helps its clients satisfy requirements, notify investors, and take care of all their key stakeholders’ demands. They aim to provide their clients with the assistance they require in order to be productive now while also building a big long-term value.

Frei, Franz Marc / Avalon

Why Luxembourg?

Being based in Luxembourg and offering customers relevant services in this jurisdiction, Thales Capital Luxembourg provides customers with numerous advantages:

  • having access to world-class financial infrastructure and banking;
  • low taxes for investment funds;
  • having access to the second-richest asset market in the world.

Being one of the EU founder states, Luxembourg creates a perfect investment climate for investment funds and financial institutions across the world. Investment fund management services are only a part of the corporate governance services Thales Capital offers.

To learn more about investment fund structuring, fund management, and other related services, you can use the contact number (+35220334030), email ([email protected]), or a mailing address: 2 Place de Strasbourg L-2562 Luxembourg.

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