Temperatures to drop with snow to hit the UK next week


Weather for the weekend will be mild with temperatures of up to 11c however, the mercury will be dipping as low as -10c in some parts of the UK next week.

The Met Office said, “Showers will be moving across the whole country.

“Some of the showers will be quite heavy, but that won’t get to London until the evening.”

From Saturday to Monday the UK will have “strong winds and heavy rain moving Southeast on Saturday.

“Colder, brighter and windy with wintry showers in to Sunday.

“Windy with a band of rain and hill snow moving east Monday.

Adding, “Snow remains a risk, mostly in the north, but perhaps further south too, and frosts could be quite widespread.

“There is still a chance that even colder conditions may develop later in the period with winds swinging round to the east or northeast, bringing an increased possibility od snow.”