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Telling Porkies: Almost half of Brits would serve vegans non-vegan food for Christmas dinner

by LLB Reporter
22nd Dec 23 6:37 am

Almost half of Brits (47%) hosting Christmas dinner admitted that they would lie and serve a vegan guest a non-vegan dish in a bid to make their lives easier.

Furthermore, a shocking 36% of those surveyed admitted they’d avoid inviting anyone with any challenging dietary preferences to their Christmas dinner.

As we head into the much-anticipated festive feasting period, one of the UKs leading range cooker brands, Leisure, has conducted new research into the beloved traditional roast dinner to investigate how Brits really feel about hosting this season.

Today’s Christmas dinner guests often come with a whole host of dietary preferences, which can complicate the already hectic process of catering for friends and family. In fact, this research has shown almost 60% of those asked find getting all elements of a roast ready at the same time to be the most stressful part.

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Creating a large roast dinner for guests who each have their own preferences and requirements can be a challenge – especially with limited oven space.

This is why Leisure’s versatile range cookers are the top choice for hosts. The option to have up to three ovens and a grill enables cooks to create multiple dishes at different temperatures simultaneously. This means home chefs can focus on creating unforgettable memories with their guests, while the appliance takes care of the cooking.

In addition to offering more cooking space Leisure’s 110cm Cuisinemaster range cooker (CS110F722) multifunction oven features a ‘keep warm’ setting that helps cooks to keep food at its optimal temperature for as long as needed before serving – an essential feature for Christmas Day!

Preparing the perfect Christmas dinner can be incredibly stressful for home cooks aiming to deliver a top-notch roast. As 43% of Brits say it is their favourite meal of the year, hosts are eager to meet their guests’ high expectations.

Traditions passed down by older generations can also heighten these feelings of anxiety as cooks try to impress family members, with 21% saying that in-laws are the most stressful people to prepare a Christmas dinner for. Deciding on the perfect trimmings to serve with the Christmas dinner makes hosts worry even more, as opinionated Brits weigh in on the debate. Perhaps controversially, Leisure’s research has revealed that 64% of Brits think every Christmas dinner should include a Yorkshire pudding.

It’s not just Christmas dinners that cause Brits stress – the typical Sunday roast can be just as stressful an occasion, with research showing almost three-quarters (72%) of Brits can experience some stress when preparing a roast dinner.

Those who regularly commit to preparing a traditional roast know it’s not a simple skill to perfect, and executing it well needs staying power, as almost 40% of Brits spend at least four hours cooking a roast dinner.

Marketing Director at Leisure, Vijay Bhardwaj, said: “We were surprised to see so many Brits would be cheeky enough to lie to their vegan guests, but do understand the pressure that comes with hosting a Christmas Day that truly caters to everyone. Our range cookers are designed to help elevate customers’ cooking experience, and the option to have up to three ovens and a grill in just one appliance helps to simplify cooking for all of the family – no matter their dietary choices.

“This additional space means home chefs can simply pop the vegan alternative into its own oven while the rest of the dinner cooks in the other ovens separately. The ability to have multiple dishes cooking at the same time all at different temperatures means hosts can provide a delicious dinner for every guest while spending more time with loved ones, and less time in the kitchen.”

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