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Switching to e-cigs can help you boost your life span and add more years to your life

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29th Jan 19 1:31 pm

There are several researches which say that switching to vaping rather than smoking can add several years to the lives of more than 6 million smokers. While there are some who say that e-cigarettes are the best possible alternatives for people who are looking forward to quit smoking, there are many others who still think that they’re unhealthy. Did you know that millions of smokers could have lived longer and got healthier lives by switching to e-cigs? But the question is how much longer?

While there are several online stores located in London from where you can get the best e-cigs or vape mods or vaporizers that can allow you to continue with vaping, yet it is better that you know the facts on how e-cigs help you improve and extend your life span.

How long can e-cigarettes extend your life span?

As per a new study from Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, around 6.6 million smokers that ditch their conventional cigarettes could live 86 million more years as compared to those who don’t make this conscious switch. The research which was published in the journal Tobacco Control is the first one to model prospective health results based on a hypothetical condition in which the use of cigarettes is hugely replaced by electronic cigarettes over a period of 10 years. The authors of the study based their predictions on 2 different models, one optimistic and the other pessimistic.

The optimistic model

In this model, the researchers used data from the present usage patterns of e-cigarettes and published the evaluations for the reduction of possible harm, the ability of electronic cigarettes to let the smokers quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. In this model the researchers discovered the lifesaving ability of electronic cigarettes to help people in switching from cigarettes to electronic counterparts.

The pessimistic model

In the pessimistic model, a rather ‘worst case’ scenario was used by the researchers where it was believed that e-cigarettes are extremely harmful than what was presently believed and that it was less likely to aid with smoking cessation. However, even in the pessimistic model, researchers found out different advantageous results. In this case, around 1.6 million premature deaths could be avoided and 20 million lesser years of life could be lost.

At the end of the day, it can be safely concluded that electronic cigarettes are much less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. Therefore people who are sceptical about whether or not to quit smoking should definitely take to vaping in order to repair their lost health conditions.

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