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Swinson told to ‘sit down love’ by MP in parliament

by LLB Reporter
5th Sep 19 8:39 am

The Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson was giving a speech in the House of Commons on Wednesday and was told by a male MP to “sit down love.”

Layla Moran MP wrote on Twitter, “Whoever told @joswinson to “Sit down darling” or whatever was said a) picked the wrong lady to mess with and b) is clearly an entitled sexist toad.”

Moran later said, “He said “Sit down, love”. Still unclear who it was. It can be heard on the playback. I wasn’t in the chamber to see who.”

Another said on Twitter, “’What a fool he must be. And I’m sick of male MP’s trying to use their louder voices to shout down female MPs.”

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