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Strengths and weaknesses of online learning

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8th Feb 21 10:13 am

When the coronavirus pandemic escalated and the first lockdown emerged, hardly could we believe it would last that long. Everything was closed, including restaurants, government, and, of course, educational institutions. Remote learning and working became necessary things for most countries.

However, if remote working was a bit familiar for everyone, and many people have worked online before, it was completely new for students and teachers. The quality of online learning varies from one country to another. Still, there are common strengths and weaknesses every student can face. Let’s talk about them.

Cons of online learning

Many students claim that there are more disadvantages to online learning. With hectic schedules and lack of time, students can’t deal with extensive lists of assignments. That is why people consider the following as the harshest weaknesses of remote studying:

Increase of assignments

The moment the world went on a remote mode, colleges and universities didn’t know how to change their education approach and adjust it to online learning. Even after a year of hefty turmoil, many academic institutions assign too many tasks for individual work. This, in turn, created a massive demand for writing services, where students type “do my paper for me” and get full-fledged support promptly. Since universities accumulate many students located in one place, it poses a danger for a brisk outbreak of the pandemic. That is why colleges remain closed, and no one knows when students will start learning traditionally.

Lack of hardware

Not every student can afford solid hardware to participate in classes and have a smooth picture. Some teachers require having cameras switched on within the meeting. This can result in a very low FPS, which leads to freezes. Consequently, students can get an unsatisfactory grade by being accused of cheating. This is an alarmingly severe drawback if the family uses one PC in the household. Sadly, the government hasn’t helped such families.

Quality of education

With the abrupt switch to online learning, education had to change the program and allow students to gain necessary knowledge from their homes. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen, and many instructors stick to old syllabi that are now not as efficient as they used to be. Internet delays and other connection problems make the learning process slower, and professors should have understood that and provided nuclear approaches to online education.

Advantages of online learning

Aside from the mentioned disadvantages, online learning still has plenty of strengths. They are as follows:

The right approach means satisfaction

Many institutions have changed the program and adapt it to the ongoing state. Consequently, students have much more free time to deal with their daily tasks non-related to academia. Many people continue to work, so it is necessary to be able to combine online learning and working.

Besides, spare time is also vital. With the right approach, students can now have more free time compared to pre-covid time. And they use it to explore new fields to help them develop. As such, many become interested in wrestling. Not only does it provide excellent entertainment, but it also motivates people to be involved in sports, which is essential during these days. If you are among those who like this activity, make sure to have pro wrestling event insurance.

Learning from anywhere

Even though the borders are close, every country has its peculiarities and places worth visiting. Following precautionary measures, you can go to any city you want at any time of the day, just making sure to have an Internet connection to tune in to a class. If you have previously struggled with visiting your relatives, you can now do that easily.

Plus, we all realise how hard it might be to live separated from parents in terms of finances. When you are a student, you can barely work full-time to provide all the necessities. With online learning, you can live at your home and worry not about working when studying.

Saving time

Studying in a large city often means a long way to college. If it sounds familiar to you, remember how much time you used to spend to get to school and then home. To speak nothing of early alarms to take a shower, have breakfast, and leave your home.

Online learning allows you to wake up right before the class. You can get up and spend your class sitting on a couch with your hands crossed. And no one will ever know that. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend time grooming. This is definitely a substantial strength of online learning.

Final words

Online learning has two ends of a stick. On the one hand, it may be ineffective, taking into account professors haven’t changed their approach. On the other, it is a chest of gold, allowing you to multitask at any place.

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