Home Business News Stealth fighter jets land on HMS Price of Wales aircraft carrier for NATO exercise on Russia’s door step

Stealth fighter jets land on HMS Price of Wales aircraft carrier for NATO exercise on Russia’s door step

20th Feb 24 12:34 pm

F-35B Lightening stealth fighter jets have landed on HMS Prince of Wales aircraft carrier whilst sailing somewhere in the North Sea which is leading NATO’s largest exercise in 40 years.

The joint RAF and Royal Navy 617 “Dambusters” squadron, stealth fighter jets took off from RAF Marham, Norfolk and landed on the aircraft carrier.

The Royal Navy aircraft carrier are to head to the UK Carrier Strike Group which includes 11 helicopter, escort ships, along with support vessels.

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A Royal Navy spokesman said, “It will lead an international taskforce taking part in Steadfast Defender, an exercise across multiple regions and domains from land and sea to air and space.

“Spanning several months and thousands of kilometres, it will see tens of thousands of personnel work together to showcase NATO’s ability to deter enemies and defend allied territory.”

Captain Colin McGannity, Carrier Air Wing and Strike Warfare Commander, said, “It is always an exciting moment when F-35B Lightning join the Carrier Strike Group at sea.

“It’s winter in the north Atlantic and we will face harsh weather and freezing conditions, but we are well prepared and looking forward to demonstrating our readiness to fight, whenever and wherever we get the call.”

Last week the British Army has deployed 1,500 troops, 600 vehicles are to join more than 90,000 soldiers from 31 allied nations for NATO’s largest exercise in “over 40 years.”

The 7 Light Mechanised Brigade known as the “Desert Rats” with their Land Rovers, armoured vehicles and support vehicles were loaded onto a cargo vessel, MV Anvil Point close to Southampton.

Steadfast Defender is the large scale demonstration of NATO’s forces and is to demonstrate the alliance’s capability and to prepare and train for war with Russia.

HMS Prince of Wales has departed and will lead to the military maritime mission and set sail for Norway.

Commodore James Blackmore, commander of the UK Carrier Strike Group leading the HMS Prince of Wales, said on Monday, “The UK has an unwavering commitment to NATO and collective deterrence and defence of the Euro-Atlantic region.

“There is no better demonstration of that than HMS Prince of Wales being at the heart of the upcoming NATO maritime exercises, the largest in over 40 years.”

In January NATO said in a statement, that approximately 90,000 troops from all 31 member states, including Sweden will all take part in the exercise Steadfast Defender, which “is poised to test and refine NATO’s defence plans for reinforcing European defences against a near-peer adversary.”

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