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Startups: Why you should invest in SEO from day one

by John Saunders
22nd Feb 22 5:56 pm

If your early-stage business is charted for growth, you might have surely come across people advising you to optimise your SEO performance. And they have good reasons to think so.

Recent findings hint that 68% of online experiences are initiated from search engines like Google or Bing. That only means that if you want your Startup to dominate the SERPs, pleasing the search engine gods is not at all optional.

For Startups, focusing on SEO comes bearing a lot of fruits, including increased reach to the target audience and rate of growth. But before we delve into what SEO for Startups actually means and how it can drive attention to your business, let’s start by discussing why you should be investing in it.

Why SEO can’t be ignored in 2022

As an early-stage entrepreneur, you should better investigate the efforts that you’re employing to promote your business. SEO or search engine optimisation might seem like a tedious and time-consuming process, but the end result can be quite satisfying.

Search engines like Google act like bridges that connect your venture to people who really need the services or products that you offer. SEO is such a massively impactful tool because it allows businesses to be more visible to their target audiences. Not for nothing, 67.61% of traffic is attracted to the first organic results on Google.

The keywords you include in your website’s content align with your audience’s search querying, making it possible for them to find your business. The result?

People find solutions to their queries, and your business generates highly targeted leads. As you keep improving your SEO efforts, you will be able to skyrocket the revenue generated through such leads.

Other benefits of SEO for Startups include:

  • Improved credibility and authority on search engines
  • Access to customer behavioural insights and data
  • Consistent and long-term advantages

Hiring a professional SEO agency London can help your early-stage enterprise improve all the elements of your website that are fundamental to increase your visibility right from day one.

Here are foue elements for a guaranteed startup SEO success in 2022

For startupreneurs, having a sound SEO strategy is not only aspirational but also necessary. Search engine optimisation success lies in your site’s ability to engage, inform, and deliver solutions to prospective audiences and leads. Accomplishing this is a gradual process and may require you to have the technical expertise of a digital marketing agency to ensure there aren’t any roadblocks that could affect your performance.

1. Google accounted for 70% of global desktop traffic in 2021 

To succeed in SEO, you have to play after Google’s rules. Reaching the uppermost place in Yahoo or Bing will bring visitors to your website, but businesses that rank on Google are most likely getting the most business.

You can use the Google Search Console to better understand how people are currently getting to you through searches.

Google’s impact can’t be denied in the search engine category. Keeping up with the latest updates ensure you will stay agile and can make considerable changes when they’re needed.

2. Improved page speed 

Page speed shows up in the latest SEO trends lists each year and with a good reason. It seems that with the new smartphone models, better processors are pulling up websites faster than before. If you’re not making sure your website is ready for people’s latest tech, you could really be discouraging your audience.

What’s more, Google has already made it known that page speed is one crucial element taken into consideration for ranking.

That means optimising your website speed can help both your overall user experience of your site and your potential to claim a desirable page one rank in the search results.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can install different SEO plugins for your website that can spot areas in which you can optimise page load from the technical side.

3. Improved user experience 

To be honest, improved user experiences are not necessarily a trend that will pass with time.

However, focusing on giving your website audience the best possible impression when they enter your site is growing as a driving force for search engine marketing.

Let’s break down things to better understand the concept

First and foremost, a website with a plethora of errors, poor aesthetics, and a terrible navigation system is one that audiences will likely turn heads from the moment they arrive.

Secondly, you need to remember that Google tracks and takes into consideration how much someone spends on a website when linked to a search.

As you probably know, a website where users aren’t going to stay more than 1 minute to get the solutions they need is likely either spammy or irrelevant – and these are two things that can really discourage Google’s bots from selecting links for that first page results.

That means that the audience clicking off right away because of poor UX does affect your chances of ranking in the uppermost Google’s results.

To fix this, you should start going through and using your website as a visitor would. Every time you will find something that’s generally unpleasant or annoying, don’t be afraid to switch it up.

4. Educate your audience about brand/service/product 

Posting a sales pitch is no longer enough to attract customers. That’s especially available for early-stage businesses that may need to face the fact that audiences need to be informed and made aware of your company or product.

The only way to keep your audience educated is by producing content. But just producing content won’t be enough. You need to ensure your content targets niche keywords that your audience is most likely to use in their search questions.

It seems that more conversational keywords, such as long-tail keywords, account for about 70% of all web searches as they are more likely to be used in a longer duration.

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