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Starting a new coffee shop? Read this.

by Sarah Dunsby
20th Mar 24 3:14 pm

Are you preparing to start a new business venture – specifically a coffee shop? If so, this is an exciting time filled with anticipation, worry, and constant decision-making. Take a few things off your plate by using these strategies to help your new business thrive.

Only use high-quality equipment

When you choose to invest in the best equipment available to make coffee it will show. That is why purchasing commercial coffee machines from a reputable and reliable company is the best choice. What is even better is when you find a company that also offers servicing agreements for the equipment.

The machines are becoming more advanced and can be difficult for those not experienced in the field to repair them quickly and correctly so there are no further problems down the road. In addition, when you partner with your equipment supplier, you should make arrangements for servicing, just as you do with your vehicle and healthcare needs to ensure your necessary equipment always works as expected and needed.

Learn from others

Just because you are starting your first business, it does not mean you are the first person to start a business. Learn from the wisdom of others. Talk to other entrepreneurs, coffee shop owners, and find a mentor.

If you are a novice entrepreneur, watch this video to learn insightful tips on how to start your first business.

Prioritise sustainability

Starting a new business means you get to create it in the image you want. With sustainability at the heart of so many conversations in the world today, make it a basic tenet of your company’s mission to do your part.

  • Only work with vendors and supply companies that have a transparent chain of supply you can easily track and trace.
  • Encourage patrons who dine in to use reusable plates, glasses, mugs, and cutlery.
  • Use reusable cloth napkins for those dining in.
  • Offer compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable to-go cups, lids, and containers for those ordering takeaway or to-go coffee.
  • Purchase energy-efficient equipment, such as sanitisers for kitchenware.
  • Install smart devices and LED lighting when constructing the coffee shop.

Talk with your builder about ways to incorporate the best practices in environmental and green building choices when planning out your shop. Talk with your suppliers and other shop owners to learn from their experience.

Get acquainted with your customers

The people who come in and out of your coffee shop every day have a humanity, just like you and your employees. Encourage your employees to take a few moments to offer a friendly smile and a warm greeting to your customers. By getting to know the people who patronize your establishment, you can form small bonds and relationships.

These things make people feel seen and special. Those are important elements of compassion and generally encourage people to keep coming back. Beyond encouraging repeat customers, it is just nice to feel welcome and acknowledged by everyone.


Start a small business the right way by using the best equipment and service providers available. Prioritise using high-quality and sustainable products that show you care. And always make time for your customers. They are what keep you in business.

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