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Social Energy starts global expansion

by LLB staff reporter
17th Nov 20 11:00 am

Today smart energy supplier Social Energy opens its doors to customers in Australia – offering to reduce electricity bills to zero, with a completely green energy package and exclusive Duracell home solar battery system.  

Social Energy focuses on making solar panels and battery storage that delivers bigger savings for homeowners by offering game-changing technology, a competitive energy plan and market-leading solar feed-in tariff.  

The brand has been supplying energy to UK customers since 2019. Having built up a network of 6000 customers in its home market, it is now expanding globally. 

Customers in Australia could save $2,182 (approx. £1200) off their energy bill in the first year alone, when purchasing a solar and battery system from an approved solar battery retailer, based on a bespoke quote. 

The green energy supplier uses its artificial intelligence platform and cutting-edge virtual power plant technology to optimise solar-connected battery storage. It learns about a customer’s energy usage and makes informed decisions about how to store, manage and distribute solar energy. It generates revenue for its users by helping maintain and balancing the electricity grids. For customers in Australia this will result in reducing electricity bills by up to 100%.

Social Energy offers customers who purchase and install solar panels and a battery a feed-in tariff of 40c (approx. £0.22) per kWh – a tariff not seen in Australia for almost a decade. Customers will receive this market-leading export tariff for the first 300kWh they export each quarter – with a secondary standard feed-in tariff, which is still higher than the average in the region. The feed-in tariff in Australia is administered by energy retailers, with each provider setting their own rate per metered kWh exported back to the grid, similar to the UK Smart Export Guarantee. 

Social Energy is working in partnership with Duracell, a globally iconic consumer battery company, which means customers will have access to the impressive lithium-ion Duracell Energy Bank 2 – scalable to different sizes to meet the needs of every home and suitable for outdoor installations.  

Social Energy also works with other leading solar battery suppliers, with batteries from SolaX and Duracell available at launch – and more batteries to follow in early 2021. 

The cost involved in having solar panels, a battery and Social Energy installed at home is approximately $12,000 (approx. £6600) for a 6.6kWp tier 1 solar installation and an 11.6kWh SolaX battery system, connected with a Social Energy Hub. However, Social Energy’s unique offering, alongside the finance packages and government grants available, means many homeowners could receive a lower total bill than they’re paying right now for their energy alone. 

Some customers can reduce their electricity bills and go green, with $0 upfront, on a finance package to spread the cost of the total system price over a variety of terms up to 10 years, where the savings made from the system can contribute to and, in some cases, offset the monthly or annual cost of the loan. 

The Australian solar market is currently experiencing long-term sustainable growth, with 2.5 million homes that have solar panels installed and around 23,000 new installations each month. Social Energy is available to those that are new to the world of solar panels and battery storage, and those that already have solar panels installed.   

Energy customers in New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland can join Social Energy today by visiting the Social Energy website or calling its customer service team.   

Chris Parratt, Managing Director Australia, Social Energy, said, “We’re delighted to be rolling out Social Energy in Australia, as the financial and environmental impact for people here is huge.  

“Our ground-breaking technology is a complete game changer for our users, making the combination of solar and battery storage offer better returns than solar on its own. It will support millions of homeowners in becoming more independent from the grid.  

“Having been involved in some major steps forward in the Australian energy market, I’m extremely excited to be pioneering the next big leap – with an energy plan that finally makes batteries a sensible investment for Australian families.”  

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