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Six energy and water saving methods in the bathroom

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10th Feb 21 10:21 am

Saving water and energy is crucial to preserve our natural resources and protect Earth’s survival. We can all take part in conserving water and energy. It can be through the things we do or the things we buy and use. We must save water and energy to preserve the resources energy is produced from and the water supply that must last for generations to come.

Bathrooms cannot function without water, and some without energy. They have always been water and energy waste sources because some may accidentally leave the lights on or the faucet running. More and more people are becoming environmentally aware and want to know more about conserving water and energy.

Here are some tips you can follow:

Low-flow showerheads

Maximising preferences most people have is for their water pressure to be strong. However, having and maximising intense water pressure hurts the environment. There are shower heads specifically designed to produce a low-pressure flow, and this is known to reduce water consumption by 50% and more. You can learn more about them through Victoria Plumbing.

Light bulbs

You’ll be surprised by how a LED light bulb can save so much energy. Compared to standard light bulbs, LED light bulbs use less energy by 80%. Just don’t forget to turn them off.

Short showers

Imagine the water waste a shower that’s been on for more than 30 minutes has. Encourage everyone in your house to take shorter showers.

Bathroom fans and ventilation

Use bathroom fans sparingly. Please don’t leave them on for a very long time as they consume a high amount of energy. Bathroom fans are often switched on due to the odour. Once it’s done its job, make sure to turn them off.

Leaky faucets

Get your leaky faucets fixed. You may not know it, but these small drips can add to your energy bill.


It would be best to unplug the electronic devices you have in your bathroom when you are not using these electronic devices.


Some people have the habit of leaving the tap on when they brush their teeth, shave, and such. Running water produces 6 litres of water a minute. Save energy and water by turning the tap off when not in use.


The more environment-friendly option between baths and showers is taking a shower, although it may seem the opposite. If people have short showers compared to baths, they will be using less energy than the latter. With the water used in baths, it can cost you to heat this amount of water.

Smart technology

Installing smart technology to control the fixtures in your bathroom can help you save water and energy in different ways. With smart tech, you can already set the temperature you want your shower to have instead of keeping the water running. More so, with smart tech, you’ll be able to monitor your bathroom and turn off a faucet when you forget to.

Saving energy and water can be challenging, although these are small details. Consistency in action is needed to create an impact on our environment truly. It’s best to contribute yo this cause now than to wait for another calamity to remind us how important it is to preserve our natural resources and take care of our planet.

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