Home Business News Shapps cancelled Odessa trip over fears of an assassination as Moscow had ‘become aware of the plans’

Shapps cancelled Odessa trip over fears of an assassination as Moscow had ‘become aware of the plans’

17th Mar 24 2:29 pm

The British Defence Secretary Grant Shapps was forced to cancel a trip to the Ukrainian Port of Odessa after Moscow had “become aware of the plans.”

It has been reported that the Defence Secretary was with the UK’s army chief, Sir Tony Radakin who were supposed to have travelled to Odessa.

On 8 March Shapps was in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, he wrote on X, “I’m in Kyiv to raise the alarm to the democratic world – we must make sure Ukraine wins this war.

“The UK has stepped up to do more than ever, with our largest military support package to date.

“Every nation must now do the same and ensure freedom triumphs over tyranny.”

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This come after an attempted Russian assassination attempt on Volodymyr Zelensky and NATO leader earlier this month using a ballistic missile.

According to The Sunday Times the pair along with President Volodymyr Zelensky and army chief Oleksandr Skyrsky were ready to travel to the port.

The trip was cancelled as Russia had “become aware of the plans” and British intelligence warned there is a credible threat to Shapps.

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said, “On a recent trip to Ukraine, the Defence Secretary did not make a planned visit to Odesa for security reasons.

“The UK continues to provide strong support for Ukraine and the Defence Secretary’s visit and engagements only underscored the importance of this support in the face of Putin’s aggression.”

The security risk was raised to critical following the attempted Russian assassination attempt on President Zelensky’s life including the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Russia launched a deliberate ballistic missile strike in Odessa and President Zelensky’s motorcade was some 100 plus metres from the Greek Prime Minister.

Mitsotakis wrote on Telegram at the time, “President Zelensky and his staff showed and explained to us the importance of the port and what is being done to restore and strengthen the Ukrainian sea route and what damage he experienced during the attacks.

“Already at the very end we heard the sound of sirens and explosions that were very close to us.”

Mitsotakis added, that it is one thing to hear and discuss war, but it is “quite another to experience war firsthand.”

Ihor Zhovkva, a top diplomatic adviser, told CNN Live, “It really was less than 500 metres from us.

“What was that?… You cannot exclude it was directed at the delegation of my president or the delegation of foreign guests.”

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