Home Business News British spies receive ‘details of a high-level attack in addition to a low-level strike’ on UK

British spies receive ‘details of a high-level attack in addition to a low-level strike’ on UK

17th Mar 24 11:39 am

Intelligence sources have said that British spies have received an updated list with “details” of a potential “high-level attack” on the UK.

More towns have been added to the list that Russia would attack first in the event of World War Three breaking out.

The Kremlin has added two new targets that strategic bombers will attack in southern England, source confirmed that only one of the locations “has military links.”

The most ever up to date list which was given to a British intelligence officer by a Russian agent now includes Salisbury in Wiltshire and Chatham, Kent.

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“The information includes details of a high-level attack in addition to a low-level strike,” according to a Whitehall source.

The source added, “A Russian airstrike on UK soil would, of course, be a declaration of war, both on the UK and on the rest of NATO.”

Last week Vladimir Putin warned again over the possibility of a nuclear war with the West.

Putin said, “From a military-technical point of view, we are, of course, ready.

“Weapons exist in order to use them.

“We have our own principles.”

He added, “Why do we need to use weapons of mass destruction? There has never been such a need.”

An expert warned that should Russia launch a nuclear weapon on NATO then “45 million” Russians will be “vaporised” within an hour.

Jake Broe, a former Nuclear & Missile Operations Officer in the US Air Force said that perhaps Russians should “stop supporting Putin.”

Broe wrote on X, “If Russia uses a nuclear weapon against a NATO country, then this is what will happen to Russia in response.

“About 45 million Russians will be vaporised in the first hour. Not much of a life remaining for the other 100 million.

“Maybe the people of Russia should stop supporting Putin and de-escalate the conflict?”

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