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Shaking-up home and garden management with Willow Alexander

by LLB Reporter
19th Dec 23 1:27 pm

Willow Alexander sprouted as a Home and Garden management platform, a brainchild of the entrepreneurial minds of Alexander Oakley and Samuel Collett, in August 2019. What began as a garden design and maintenance venture evolved into a comprehensive platform, offering a unique blend of services and products, a fascinating move, enabling themselves as one of the only brands to provide services and products in the same platform. Positioned as a thoroughly modern housekeeper, Willow Alexander has set itself apart by integrating B2C booking services, sustainable e-commerce, and a commitment to carbon neutrality.

Headquartered in Southeast London, the Willow Alexander Group serves Greater London and Northern Kent through its trade service companies, with plans for national expansion. The group comprises Willow Alexander Gardens, Willow Alexander Handyman, Willow Alexander Cleaning, and Willow Alexander Removals. In addition, they boast Sustainabli Plus, a carbon-offsetting lifestyle membership subscription, and Willow Alexander Franchise as their B2B arm.

Environmental stewardship

Willow Alexander stands at the forefront of achieving sustainability in the home and garden space, and this runs through their entire business model. Certified carbon neutral since 2021 by One Carbon World, the company has achieved the Gold international standard each year. Equally, Willow Alexander is also a proud member of the United Nations Climate Neutral Now Initiative, a project designed to support businesses in achieving a carbon-neutral future.

Evolution during a pandemic

The company’s origins in garden design and maintenance took an unexpected turn during the Covid-19 pandemic. Faced with social distancing challenges and economic downturn, the founders adapted, expanding their business model beyond gardens. From a single electric vehicle, Willow Alexander has become London’s premier sustainable Home and Garden service provider.

A holistic approach to home and garden care

Willow Alexander sets itself apart with a comprehensive approach to home and garden care. The B2C booking platform offers a wide array of services, including gardening, cleaning, removals, handyman services, dog walking, energy solutions, and window cleaning. This one-stop platform allows customers to conveniently book services online, customise their needs, and manage appointments effortlessly, alongside shopping for their home and garden wear simultaneously.

Sustainability in every service

Carbon-neutral services and eco-friendly practices are at the heart of this company. The services are delivered by experts, ensuring not only customer satisfaction but also a minimal impact on the environment. From carbon offsetting memberships to sustainable product offerings, they are on a mission to combat climate change through its day-to-day operations.

In just a few short years, Collet and Alexander have driven their business to blossom from garden-focused into a pioneering force in the home and garden management sector. This has been achieved via the seamless integration of services and products on a single platform, redefining customer care and demonstrating that sustainability can be at the core of every business. Willow Alexander proves that the modern housekeeper can be innovative and environmentally conscious in equal measure.

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